Media Kit

Media Kit - Economic Report on Africa 2016

Greening Africa’s Industrialization

Executive Summary

Press Release


Media Kit - Economic Report on Africa 2015

Industrializing through trade

Executive Summary

Key Findings - Policy Recommendations

Press Release


Media Kit - Economic Report on Africa 2014

Dynamic Industrial Policy in Africa: Innovative Institutions, Effective Processes and Flexible Mechanisms

Key Messages

Press Release

Country Case Study

Nigeria’s Industrial Revolution Plan Unveiled

Making South Africa’s Auto Industry’s Success Story an Enduring One


Media Kit - Economic Report on Africa 2013

Making the Most of Africa’s Commodities: Industrializing for Growth, Jobs and Economic Transformation

Key Messages

Press Releases

Country Case Studies

Algeria - Cameroon - Egypt - Ethiopia - Ghana Kenya - Nigeria - South Africa - Zambia

Country Feature Stories

 Egypt - Ethiopia - Kenya - Nigeria - Zambia

Country Press Releases

Algeria - Cameroon - Egypte - Ethiopia - Ghana - Kenya - Nigeria - South Africa - Zambia