African Water Development Report 2006

African Water Development Report 2006 - Cover Image

The general level of water resources development for meeting the needs of the African populace (for potable drinking, food security and other necessities of human life) is still very low. This situation could be a blessing in disguise if proper policy frameworks for planning, development, and management of water resources in African countries can be devised, taking advantage of the advancement in water science and technology and also the positive and negative experiences of the technologically-advanced countries through appropriate knowledge and technology transfer mechanisms. It is well known that the levels of scientific and technological tools for harnessing  the resources of water bodies in its many forms of occurrence (rivers, lakes, seas and others), have exerted decisive influence on the development of human society and determined the level of general socio-economic development. It is therefore obvious that any accelerated development in Africa would, to a very large extent, depend on how effectively African countries are able to harness their water resources for a sustainable socio-economic development and, above all, for the eradication of endemic poverty without impairing the environment.