Our Focus

ECA aims to be the first port of call for member States seeking original data to inform policy decisions. Its long term objective is to serve as a regional service centre for data on economic, social, demographic, and environmental conditions in African countries.

In this light, its activities in this field are focusedon conducting research on statistical concepts, methods and standards to support governments and regional institutions in the production and use of quality statistics in support of development efforts.

ECA also promotes the harmonization of statistics across African countries through the adoption of international statistical norms, standards and classifications, and adaptation to regional and national realities.

In addition, ECA assists member States to undertake statistical operations, including censuses, surveys and records keeping of administrative data ; it also  designs and implements regional programmes that are well coordinated across African countries. As part of this process, ECA produces and uses quality statistical information to identify and define priority issues and undertake, policy design, analysis, planning, and the monitoring and evaluation of development efforts.

Support is also provided to member States in harnessing ICTs, including geoinformation Systems, to improve data collection, processing, analysis, dissemination and archiving capabilities, as well as facilitating access to national, sub-regional and regional databases.

ECA’s advisory services to member States aim to establish efficient statistical infrastructure for the collection, processing, analysis, dissemination and archiving of statistics in various areas.

The Commission remains committed to the Statistical Commission for Africa (StatCom-Africa) as the apex inter-governmental body on statistical capacity development in Africa, as well as the African Statistical Coordination Committee (ASCC) and the Forum for African Statistical Development (FASDEV).

Click here for some of our key outputs: African socio-economic indicators; African Statistical Yearbook; Integrated national and sub regional economic, social and environmental indicators; and, Compendium of intra-African and related foreign trade statistics.