ADF - a process, not a meeting

A great amount of energy has already been harnessed both within member States and among partners, to work on combating Africa’s HIV/AIDS problems. ADF 2000 is a process to propel this activity to a higher orbit by:

  • Documenting the status of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa;
  • Recording progress made to date and lessons learned in implementing national, regional and international programmes;
  • Highlighting best practices in the region as well as lessons learnt;
  • Identifying priority programmes for implementation;
  • Establishing a dialogue with African government planners and decision-makers to elaborate country-specific action plans and work programmes for the year 2001;
  • Appointing the African Development Forum Technical Advisory Committee (ADF-TAC) to advise ECA on preparations for the Forum and its follow up;
  • Convening ADF 2000, Addis Ababa, 3-7 December 2000;
  • Adopting the Forum’s action plan and country work programmes for 2001;
  • Mobilizing resources for the year 2001 action plan and country work programmes;
  • Disseminating the ADF 2000 proceedings, position papers and conference report;
  • Convening the post-Forum Summit Dialogue; and
  • Implementing the Forum 2000 action plan and country work programmes.