Objectives & Aims

The overall objective of the ADF 2000 is to serve as a major launching pad for a new level of commitment and action against HIV/AIDS as a major threat to the development of the continent. This will be achieved by highlighting positive regional, national, and local experiences and by developing proposals for action.

The Forum will:

  • Take stock of progress made to date, review decisions from major conferences and evaluate actions taken;
  • Analyse the impact the epidemic is having on development in Africa; and
  • Agree on broad strategy milestones for tackling HIV/AIDS as an emergency;
  • Make commitments to support groups and partners in order to move the HIV/AIDS agenda forward;
  • Identify major actions for overcoming key obstacles dealing dealing with HIV/AIDS in various areas;
  • Identify arrangements and mechanisms for follow up throughout the year;
  • Examine the resource implications for a concerted effort by both African governments and their international partners.