Themes & sub-Themes

The Forum will examine the following issues in detail, with the view that their consideration is vital to guiding African policies relating to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

AIDS and Development

  • Macroeconomic impact and development implications for Africa
  • Extent of impact on various economic and social sectors and indicators
  • Impact on military and security personnel and systems that keep the peace
  • Increased poverty of victims, families and communities

Learning from country responses

  • Mobilize broad community support in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Showcase examples of sustained actions at national level
  • Overcome stigma and denial

Building on lessons learned from intensified responses to HIV/AIDS

  • Develop leadership at all level
  • Develop partnership at different level
  • Moblize resources, set priorities and the design and implement innovative financing mechanisms
  • Use local institutions, communities and public and private sector efficiently

Leadership role and approaches for an effective HIV/AIDS responses

  • Partnership in leadership at international level for an emergency response to counter the spread and devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa
  • Partnership in leadership at national and community level for a greatly intensified response to HIV/AIDS
  • Partnership in leadership with people living with HIV/AIDS (PWHAs)

Policy position papers on these themes, emphasizing "best practices" in member States, will be prepared and presented.


ADF 2000 Focus Groups

In addition to the main conference themes, there will be five focus groups on:

  • Gender;
  • Youth;
  • People living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Diaspora; and
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The focus groups are special interest groups providing an opportunity for people to air their perspectives on the issues by reacting to the proposals to be made with respect to each sub-theme of the conference, report to the plenary their perspectives on the issues, and shape their own recommendations.