Thematic Areas

The thematic areas closely mirror the challenges and areas that need further action, including the following:

(a) Violence against women;

(b) HIV and AIDS;

(c) Health and reproductive rights;

(d) Education, training and skills development;

(e) Migration;

(f) Governance, conflict, peace and security;

(g) Employment, markets and trade;

(h) Food security;

(i) Land and property rights;

(j) Climate change, water, sanitation and energy;

(k)  Financing for gender equality; and

(l) Gender and ICTs.

The following cross-cutting issues that have been identified as key challenges to accelerating the achievement of gender equality and women's empowerment on the continent, will be considered under each theme. These issues are also essential for creating or strengthening the enabling environment for gender equality:

•  Legal reforms, including status of ratification and domestication of the relevant international and regional gender equality and women's empowerment instruments;

•  Effective policy development and implementation;

•  Institutional mechanisms;

•  Monitoring and evaluation tools and mechanisms;

•  Availability of gender disaggregated data;

•  Involvement of men and boys; and

•  Capacity-building.