Report on the Economic and Social Situation in Africa

Table of Contents

I. The African Economy in 1994 - An Overview
A. A Modest Recovery in Regional Output
B. Divergent Growth of Output in Subregions and Countries
C. Economic Policy Developments in 1994

II. Developments in Major Production Sectors
A. Agriculture
B. Mining
C. Manufacturing

III. External Trade, Debt and Resource Flows
A. External Trade
B. Balance of Payments
C. External Debt
D. Resource Flows

IV. The Social Situation
A. The Demographic Situation
B. Is Health for All Achievable by the Year 2000 in Africa?
C. The Employment Situation
D. Women and Development
E. Policies and Prospects for Social Development and Prospects.

V. Medium-Term Outlook for the African Economy and Policy Implications
A. Prospects for 1995-1996
B. Major Policy Challenges