Conference Papers and Presentations

Wednesday, 12 November 2014: Securing land rights under different tenure regimes

Plenary Session I: What have we learnt from efforts to secure land rights in Africa?

  • Securing land and resource rights in Africa - review of the last decade  - Clarissa Augustinus, GLTN
  • Strengthening women’s land rights in Africa –Hubert Ouedraogo, Land Policy Initiative :Presentation
  • Lessons from the Voluntary Guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure –Andrew Hilton, FAO : Presentation

Colloquium 1: Experiences, challenges and options of securing land access for all

Joseph K. Kidido - Youth access to agricultural land in the Techiman traditional area: moving from conceptual construction to field investigation: Conference Paper, Presentation

Oracle M. Diki – Governance of agricultural land use - struggle for land in Kinshasa: Conference Paper, Presentation

Achamyeleh A. Gashu – The challenges of land rights in the Peri-urban agricultural areas of Ethiopia in the era of urbanization: A property rights approach: Conference paper, Presentation

Alfred Bizoza - Population growth and land scarcity in Rwanda: A look at the other face of the “Coin”: Conference paper, Presentation

Colloquium 2: Experiences of securing group or community land rights

E.K. Mandeng Ntsimi –Legislative action and the recognition of community land rights: REPAR’s contribution to the advocacy network in Cameroon : Conference Paper, Presentation

Abebe Mulatu –Safeguarding pastoral land use rights in Ethiopia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Samuel B. Biitir –Securing Land Rights under the tendamba/family Customary System of Land Tenure. The case of Wa Municipality: Conference Paper, Presentation

Colloquium 3: Women’s land rights: impact of land reforms and addressing persisting policy bottlenecks

Joyce R. Nangobi –Fostering transparency in land ownership use and transmission: Jinja case study : Conference Paper, Presentation

Zelallem Y. Atsbeha –Challenges to the Implementation of the rural Land Law as a tool of empowering women in Ethiopia: the case of Amhara Regional State : Conference Paper, Presentation

Fati Al Hassan – Women's access to justice:  Grassroots women's approach to securing land rights : Conference Paper, Presentation

Rebecca Ochong – The gender agenda in land governance and land governance and the role of African land professionals: Conference Paper, Presentation

Focused Discussion I: Experience in applying the social tenure domain model (STDM) to secure land rights

Veronica Katulushi – Securing women’s land rights in customary land tenure through the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM): The case of Mungule Chiefdom, Chibombo District, Zambia : Presentation

Pamoja Trust – Sharing lessons on the use of social tenure domain model for urban and rural experiences in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia : Presentation 1, Presentation 2Presentation 3

Focused discussion II: Emerging land issues in African agriculture and implications of the food policy and institutional reform

Jordan Chamberlin – Land Scarcity and African Agriculture: Implications for food security and poverty reduction strategies : Conference Paper, Presentation

Milu Muyanga – Is small still beautiful? The farm size-productivity relationship revisited: Conference Paper, Presentation

Maria Molokomme - Understanding the Youth, Agriculture and Food Security Nexus in Malawi: From an Agricultural Policy Perspective: Conference Paper, Presentation

Focused discussion III: The role of parliaments in strengthening land governance 

Pan African Parliament

-          Hon. Abdoulie K. Jawla – Gambia

-          Hon. Bernadeta Mushashu – Tanzania

-          Hon. Mockar Zerouali – Algeria

-          Hon. Patrick Mayombe – DRC

Thematic Session 1:Lessons from formalization initiatives

Heriniaina Rakotomalala – Formalizing Land Rights by Young Household Heads: The Case of Nine Rural Communes in Madagascar : Conference Paper(ENG, FRN), Presentation

Asante Abadi Lewis– Contested Space - Commercial driven Land use transition and indigenous adaptive strategies : Conference Paper, Presentation

Souleyman Ouattara –Achieving Land Security in Rural Areas in Burkina Faso : Conference Paper, Presentation

Steven Lawry – The impact of land property rights Interventions on Investment and agricultural productivity in developing countries : Conference Paper, Presentation

Thematic Session 2: Innovative approaches to financing secure access to land

-   French Cooperation, Alain Durand Lasserve : Presentation

-   GIZ, Christian Graefen  : Presentation

-   SDC, Manuel Flury  : Presentation

-   USAID, Mercedes Stickler  : Presentation

-   UNHABITAT, Solomon Haile  : Presentation

-   Landesa, Jennifer Duncan  : Presentation

-   European Commission, Joachim Knoth  : Presentation

Thematic Session 3: Legislative and operational tools to secure land rights

Jaap Zevenbergen – GLTN Tools and approaches in support of land policy implementation in Africa: Conference Paper, Presentation

Naomi Kenney – Developing gender-equitable frameworks for land tenure: A legislative assessment tool: Conference Paper, Presentation

Yuliya Neyman - Operational guidelines for responsible land based investment, A practical guide for private sector: Conference Paper, Presentation

Plenary session II: Formalisation and experiences with community titling(Roundtable)

Klaus Deininger – How to make secure land rights more accessible & affordable? : Presentation

Clarissa Augustinus -What lessons can we learn from the Mexican customary land registration system for African customary areas? : Presentation

SIDE EVENT I: Strengthening Women's and Land Rights in the Next Decade of Land Governance: Successful Practices for Scaling up - Huairou Commission

SIDE EVENT II: Pathways to realizing collective tenure rights to natural resources - IASS

Thursday, 13 November 2014: Inclusive agricultural growth - Agricultural investment, productivity and land rights in the context of large scale investments

Plenary Session III: In search of inclusive agricultural growth – trends and challenges

  • Africa’s agricultural growth – How close are we to the revolution?  – Ngongi Namanga : Presentation
  • Land policy, land governance and the CAADP agenda– Joan Kagwanja : Presentation
  • African Union Guiding Principles on Large ScaleLand Based Investments  – Janet Edeme : Presentation

Colloquium 4: Land governance frameworks in the coming decade – implementation dynamics and implications for agriculture

Paul Jere –Issues and options for improved land sector governance in Malawi – Results of application of the Land Governance Assessment Framework: Conference Paper, Presentation

Mathieu Boche – Guide on due diligence of land based investment projects that affect land and property rights: Conference Paper, Presentation

Regina Pritchett - Land governance in the coming decade – what prospects for women’s rights: Conference Paper, Presentation

Esther Obaikol - Monitoring tenure security a foothold for policy reform and practice change in Africa: The Case for Global Land Indicators as a Common Framework for Tracking Progress on Land Issues: Conference Paper, Presentation

Colloquium 5: Securing inclusive growth in the context of large scale land based investments

Eric P. Pamen – FDI,  land access and land market in Cameroon, a way of boosting intra regional trade: Conference Paper, Presentation

Clemence Nhliziyo  – Lessons from land investments in Zimbabwe: The case of Chisumbanje Ethanol Investment: Conference Paper, Presentation

Evans S. Osabuohien – Youth unemployment and large scale land deals in Tanzania: Role of local capacity and institutions: Conference Paper, Presentation

Colloquium 6: Securing land rights in the context of large scale investments

Richmond Antwi-Bediako – Land rights and implications of jatropha investments in Ghana: the boom, bust and land transformation: Conference Paper, Presentation

Andrew Chilombo – Large scale land investments on customary land: a case study of Nansanga farm block in Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Emmanuel Mlaka – The paradox of smallholder food security in the emergence of large scale land investments: Conference Paper, Presentation

Doreen N. Kobusingye – Decentralization and Power Complexities in Large ScaleLand Allocations: The Case of Amuru Sugar Project in Uganda: Conference Paper, Presentation

Focused Discussion IV: 'The Model Matters'  

 Chrispin Matenga – Searching for Inclusive Agricultural Business Models: A Comparison between the Large-scale Plantation Model (Zambeef) and Nucleus-estate Out-growers Scheme Model (Zambia Sugar/Illovo) in Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Abdirizak Nunow – Land scarcity, capital investment and high-value harvests in Meru County, Kenya: Conference Paper, Presentation

Gertrude Dzifa – Local Impacts of Global Resource Scarcity - Examining the institutional arrangements and the local impacts of agricultural modernisation via Land Deals in Ghana: Conference Paper, Presentation

Focused Discussion V: ‘Towards an integrated implementation of the VGGT and F&G’- FAO and ILC: FAO presentation, ILC Presentation

Focused Discussion VI: Demonstration of the African Land Portal on LSLBI – Land Policy Initiative : Presentation

Thematic Session 4: Exploring the nexus of land administration and the future of smallholder agriculture in Zambia

Nicholas Sitko - Land alienation by elites and its effects on agricultural growth in Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Munguzwe Hichaambwa - Smallholder farm size, agricultural commercialization, and potential broad based rural poverty reduction: Evidence from Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Jordan Chamberlin - Rural Land Rental Markets in Southern Africa: Trends, participation and impacts on household welfare in Malawi and Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Brian P. Mulenga - Rural-Rural Mobility, Land and Labour Markets in Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Thematic Session 5: African youth, employment and agricultural growth

Cyriaque Hakizimana - “It is like waiting for the rain in a dry season”: Assessing the Impacts of the Failure of Intergenerational Land Transfers on Rural Youth in East Africa: Conference Paper, Presentation

Beby S. Andriamanalina - Rural youth and land access: The case of Madagascar: Conference Paper, Presentation

Manase K. Chiweshe - An Investigation into the Marginalization of Adolescent Girls from the Agrarian Structure and its Impacts on their Livelihoods in Africa: Experiences from Zimbabwe: Conference Paper, Presentation

Andiswe Jukuda - Can Agriculture be a Remedy for Rural Youth Unemployment: Conference Paper, Presentation

Gillo M. Lekane - Coffee Crisis and Rural Youth Attitude towards Agriculture: The Case of the WesternProvince of Cameroon: Conference Paper, Presentation

Gertrude D. Torvikey - Land for Equity and the GADCO Rice Project: A Sustainable Agriculture Model for the Youth and for Ghana?: Conference Paper, Presentation

Thematic Session 6: Traditional authorities and local land management (Panel discussion)

Eria Serwaijja - Accumulation ‘from below’: Land Grabbing Within and Between the Local Communities of Amuru district, Northern Uganda: Conference Paper, Presentation

His Royal Highness Senior Chief Chibesakunda XI Bwembya Bob Luo, Zambia: Conference Paper, Presentation

Romanus Alaanngeh Che, Cameroon: Conference Paper, Presentation

Mr. Matthew Otto Ker Kwaro Acholi (Chiefdom of Acholi), Uganda: Conference Paper, Presentation

Nana Frimpong Anokye Ababio, Ghana: Conference Paper, Presentation

Plenary session IV: Can Africa achieve agricultural growth which is inclusive?

 -          Marc Wegerif, Oxfam

-          Ward Answeeu, Land Matrix

-          Madiodio Niasse, ILC

SIDE EVENT IV: Youth and Land in Africa (FARA, FAO and PLAAS)

SIDE EVENT III: Focus on Smallholder Farmers (ILC)

Friday, 14 November 2014: Experiences and emerging best practices in developing and implementing land policies

Plenary Session V: The Africa agenda on land – successes, challenges and nexus with agricultural productivity (Policy maker panel)  

Colloquium 7: Land administration and the future of smallholder agriculture

Wubante Fetene – Acquisition of Land Holdings and Compensation practice in Ethiopia: Amhara Region - Bahir DarCity surrounding farming areas: Conference Paper, Presentation

Mkpado Mmaduabuchukwu – International Land Trade and Investment Capacity in African Agriculture: How can the People Benefit?: Conference Paper, Presentation

Frank Byamugisha –EffectiveLand Administration in Africa: Promising Practices and Way Forward: Conference Paper, Presentation

Colloquium 8: Addressing capacity for land policy development and implementation in Africa 

Ernest L. Molua – Building Resilience and Sustainability in Agricultural Land Management in the Central African sub-region: Conference Paper, Presentation

Solomon Haile – Towards an Africa Capacity Development Framework for land Policy: Conference Paper, Presentation

Essimi J. Biloa – Gender responsive microcredit policy, inclusive growth and food security in Cameroon: Conference Paper, Presentation

Mikemina, Pilo – Impact of Adaptation Strategies on Farm Households’ farm Income: An Analysis based on Bio-Economic Model: Conference Paper, Presentation

 Colloquium 9: Country experiences in developing and implementing land policies

Ahanda S. Nicaise – Policies and Laws Governing Land Tenure, Dichotomy or consistency in Africa: the Case of Pastoral Lands in Cameroon and Niger: Conference Paper, Presentation

Freedom Mazwi - Sugar production after the Fast Track Land Reform Programme in Zimbabwe: A focus on out-growers in Triangle, HippoValley and Mkwasine estates: Conference Paper, Presentation

Stanley N. Toe – Land Reform in Liberia: Developing the FirstNationalLand Policy: Conference Paper, Presentation

Focused Discussion VII: Costing and financing of land administration services (CoFLAS) in developing countries


Focused Discussion VIII: Converting from Manual Land Registration to GIS Enabled Land Information System: Case Studies from Sub Saharan Africa

-          Mike Cheremshynsky, LIS Design and Development Specialist (Ghana) - Land Information System as new instrument for Land Administration: Case Examples

-          Ghana – Ben Arthur Lands Commission

-          Uganda – Richard Oput Commissioner, Land Reform Program

-          Sarah Kulata Basangwa, Commissioner for Registration (Uganda)

-          Tanzania - Subira Sinda  Registrar of Titles, Ministry of Lands Housing & Human Settlement Development

-          Barney Laseko  Projects Coordinator,  PMO (Tanzania)

-          Mozambique - João Carrilho former MCA Land Project Coordinator

Focused Discussion IX: Land Programmes in Ethiopia - An exploration 

-          Responsible and Innovative Land Administration Program (REILA)

-          Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT)

-          Land Administration to Nurture Development (LAND)

 Stakeholder Round Table Discussions

1.      Technical & Development Partners, Convenor: EU

2.      Policy Makers, Convenor: Hubert Ouedraogo

3.      Non-state actors, Convenor: Catherine Gatundu

4.      Research & Academia, Convenor: Ruth Hall