Conference Service Policy

Conference Service Policy Effective 1 October 2011


  1. The ECA Conference Center at Addis Ababa (ECACC-AA) operates on a charge-back system whereby the meeting rooms, equipment, supplies and services have to be charged to cover costs for the Centre’s operational expenses especially for extra-budgetary or non-calendar meetings. The revision of the previous rates fixed in 2000 and the introduction of the full cost recovery principle are decided following recommendations of UN Board of Auditors in the Audit Observation Memorandum AO 6/2005 of 21 June 2005 and the ASG/DGACM’s visit to ECACC-AA on 17-18 August 2006 (cf. ASG/DGACM’s Mission Report of 6 September 2006).
  1. The labor component (Staff overtime used to plan and service meetings after ECA working hours) shall be charged in compliance with UN Employment regulations and based on established minimum workday rate of the staff involved.
  1. The labor component (Staff time used to plan and service meetings during working hours) shall be charged as administrative fee which is 5% of the total cost of the event.
  1. In compliance with the UNHQ directives and the new ECACC-AA Charge Policy, the Rates for ECACC-AA meeting rooms, equipment, services as well as staff related charges shall be applied and paid by all UN and non-UN clients for extra-budgetary or non-calendar meetings.
  1. Discounts or reduced rates previously granted shall no longer apply.
  1. All clients should make a 100% deposit of the estimated cost of the event at least one week ahead of the event.
  1. A cancellation fee of 5% of the estimated cost of the event shall be charged to the client if a cancellation notice is received less than two weeks before the event. This shall apply especially to events with an estimated cost of more than US$5,000.00
  1. Rates are effective as from 09 November 2015. Detailed cost estimate of a meeting can be obtained as usual from the CMS by submitting a formal request using the Booking Form available on the UNECA intranet.
  1. Banquet Hall and/or Delegates Lounge are given free of charge for catering purposes provided the organizer has booked a conference room.