Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access to ECACC:

Q:  Who is authorised to hold meetings at the ECACC?

A:  The ECACC is open for everyone, UN Agencies, the Private Sector, IGOs, NGOs, Universities, Professional Associations, CSOs, with the exception of Religious Organizations, Ethnic Groups & Political Organizations.

Q:  Which Gate do participants use to access the ECACC?

A:  Gate 3 at Sallcost Gate is used by participants. Vehicles, however, may use Gate 1 for VIPs.  For dropping exhibition materials, pick up cars can access the centre through the Sallcost Gate.

Q:  How should organizers plan registration?

A:  Organizers should plan their registration in relation to the number of participants.  If participants number ranges from 50 – 200, registration could be managed the same day.  Registration could open as early as 7:30 AM.  Overtime cost should however be borne by the Organizer.  If participants number exceeds 200, ECACC encourages staggering participants, starting from the eve of the event to make it manageable.

Q:  How are registration and badge issuance organized at the ECACC?

A:  Badges are issued by the UN Security Personnel at the Delegates Registration Building (DRB).  The badge template in excel format needs to be completed by the conference organizer with confirmed participants and sent to the ECACC Team a couple of days before the event to be able to print the badges.

In addition to the names for the badge the following are needed:

  1. Abridged version title of event
  2. Electronic logo (optional)
  3. Date of event: (From- To)
  4. Name Pattern: (name + organization) or (name + country)

3 - 4 badge categories can be printed such as:  participant, secretariat, media, delegate depending on the event’s needs, which will be colour coded.

Please note that ECACC does not touch content of the template so due diligence is expected from organizers to send with correct spelling.

Q:  Do all meetings that take place at the ECACC require Badges?  What if I would like to organize a meeting of half a day?

A:  No.  Meetings that are more than one day only need badges.

Q:  How is access to participants organized for events that last a day or less than a day?

A:  The organizer sends the list of participants electronically in any format preferably sorted alphabetically to the ECACC team at least 48 hours before the event.  The ECACC team is responsible to ensure access is granted by the Security Team.

Q:  What if I have more names to submit after I have sent the template with the majority of participants.

A:  Additional names can be sent using the same template to the ECACC Team.

Q:  What if a participant/s who have not registered decide/s to show up at the DelegatesRegistrationBuilding?  Would they be refused access to the ECACC?

A:  ECACC strongly recommends organizers to assign people at the Delegates Registration Building to give accreditation to these participants that did not confirm and show up on the day of the event.  Once accreditation is given, the people assigned at the DelegatesRegistrationBuilding will contact the assigned Meeting Services Assistant who is the one who will clear and send the name to the Security Staff.

Q:  Are buses allowed at the ECACC?

A:  Bus are allowed at the ECACC to drop participants and go.  The organizer need to give the following details to the ECACC Team to ensure smooth access:

  1. Details of vehicle:  car Plate and type of car
  2. Full  Name of the Driver
  3. Arrival time

Q:  Is the ECACC open on week ends?

A:  The official working hours of the ECACC are Monday through Thursday:

            8:30 – 13:00 hours in the morning

            14:00 – 17:30 hours in the afternoon

            Friday:  8:30 – 14:00 hours

However, for any request outside the office hours, as long as it is given prior notice to the ECACC Team, all the necessary staff will be at the client’s disposal and the space and facilities operational.  The latter are expected to cover the overtime payment to the staff who will be on duty.



Q:  When should we pay for the ECACC facilities?

A:  Payment needs to be effected by the deadline given in the Pro-forma Invoice which is usually three weeks before the event.   If payment is not effected by the given deadline rooms booked may be cancelled without any notice to the organizer.  If organizers could not meet the deadline due to any compelling reason, the former should contact the ECACC Team requesting to extend the deadline and the deadline for payment will be extended accordingly.

Q:  What if additional needs arise after payment?

A:  For any additional request made by the organizer, a revised invoice will be prepared with another deadline for payment with the balance.

Q:  What if organizers used more rooms after the event has started?

A:  For any additional request after the event has started, the organizers will send a commitment letter and the services will be rendered.  The balance will be reflected in the Final Invoice.

Q:  Is there a cancellation fee?

A:  Yes (please refer to ECACC Payment policy).


ECACC Facilities and Services:

Q:  Who do we contact at the ECACC once payment is effected to discuss details of our event?

A:  A Meeting Services Assistant is assigned as a Focal Person to co-ordinate all tasks in connection with the event.   The organizers will be contacted by the Focal Person .  If contact has not been established, the organizers can contact the ECACC Team and they will be given the name, e-mail address and cell phone number of the assignee.

Q:  Do all the rooms in ECACC have LCD Projectors.

A:  Yes all rooms in the ECACC (conference rooms and caucus rooms) have LCD Projectors and can be used with no extra charge.

Q:  Do Organizers need to contact technicians directly?

A:  No.  The Focal Person deals with all technicians/Electricians and any facility required for any event as long as the needs are communicated prior to the event.

Q:  Does ECACC provide power extension cords/APC, to clients?

A:  Because of a limited number of extension cords, ECACC can provide only in limited numbers.  If there is a need of many extension cords organizers are advised to bring their own.

Q:  Does the ECACC gives IT assistance?

A:  Yes.  If there is a special need as long as the Focal person is informed about it the assistance will be rendered.

Q. Participants may come to the Conference halls directly from the air port. Do you have rooms for keeping suitcases ?

A: No. ECACC does not provide such a service.


Q:  How are the offices in ECACC equipped?

A:  The offices identified for a specific event will be equipped as per the clients’ requirement:   PC, Printer, International line, Fax, Scanner, photocopier, etc

Q:  Are keys to the offices handed-out to organizers?

A:  No. Security staff will be available at the Security Counter to make sure the rooms are open and closed as required.



Q:  We have some parcels containing our banners and documents that we need to send to the ECACC, who should we address it to?

A:  You may address any parcel related to your event as follows:

To:  Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)

Menilik II Avenue

ECA Conference Center

C/O any ECACC Staff at Planning or Servicing Sub-Unit

Conference Services Section

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Q:  Is catering included in the conference package?

A:  No. Catering is not included in the conference package.  The in-house caterer is the Sheraton Addis to cater exclusively at the ECACC.  However, lunch for up to 400 participants can also be organized by other caterers, Harambe or Tiboli Restaurants within the premises, about 3 minutes walk from the ECACC.

Q:  Do organizers need to contact the caterer/s directly or would ECACC facilitate?

A:  ECACC strives to make its services “A one-stop-shop”.  The ECACC Team once details are provided by clients is ready to assist in obtaining the invoice from the caterer, ensure that the negotiated “preferential rates” are applied and follow-up.  However, payment related to catering should be effected directly to the caterer on the caterer’s terms.

Q:  Where are functions held?

A:  ECACC has 3 spaces (multifunction rooms) that could be utilized for functions such as lunches/receptions/dinners:

  1. The Delegates Lounge (maximum 200 Pax)
  2. The Banquet Hall ( maximum 500 seated pax)
  3. The Exhibition Concourse  (maximum 900 if not used for exhibition).


Q:  Where are coffee breaks held?

A:  Coffee breaks are held in the spacious walkways just outside the conference rooms.  Alternatively for events with exhibition, the coffee breaks could be set-up at the Exhibition Concourse.



Q:  When should I send the plan of my exhibition?

A:  Ideally, a week in advance to the event to give the ECACC Team plan appropriately.

Q:  What does the exhibition package include?

A:  The exhibition package includes a booth built according to plan (usually 2x3 m.), 1 shelf, 2 chairs on 1m by 1m table and spot lights

Q:  Can we have power outlets at the exhibition?

A:  Yes.  The ECACC Team needs to be informed  with details at least 1 week in advance to make the necessary preparation.

Q:  How do exhibitors access the ECACC?

A:  Exhibitors access the ECACC the same way other participants access it.  Please refer to FAQ :  Category Access.  They will collect their badge either at the same time as other participants or they could do that prior to the other categories if they need to organize their booths before the opening of the event.

Q:  How do exhibitors bring in their exhibits to the ECACC?

A:  Organizers have the responsibility to compile the names of the exhibitors, company Name, the list of materials that they wish to bring to the ECACC, name of driver who will be bringing in the materials, with details and plate number of the vehicle that will be used to transport the materials.  Once all these information are obtained the Focal Person will take the necessary action to let the exhibitors bring in their materials.

Q:  How do exhibitors take out their exhibits from the ECACC once the event is over?

A:  Details of vehicles need to be compiled and communicated to the assigned Focal Person by the organizer to facilitate access.  Exhibitors can then take their materials out of the ECACC smoothly.

Q:  Are exhibits safe at the ECACC?  Can exhibitors leave valuable items overnight?

A:  The ECACC is generally a secure place.  However, the exhibition concourse may be accessible by any passerby and leaving valuable items including laptops is not advisable.  Alternatively, on request a security coverage could be organized as long as the overtime cost is borne by the organizers.

Q:  Are banners allowed to be posted in the conference rooms?

A:   For aesthetic reasons, banners are not allowed to be posted in the Conference Rooms.  However, there is ample space made available outside each conference room to put-up any kind of banner the ideal size 2 meter (down) by 10 to 15 m (width).  Pop up posters can be put in and outside the conference rooms, by the foyer of the ECACC and any other space that organizers deem necessary.

Q:  Will there be signs to guide participants?

A:  The assigned Focal Person will make enough directional signages and post them at visible locations in the ECACC.



Q:  Does the ECACC provide interpreters for external clients?

A:  Yes, ECA has freelance interpreters and service will be provided for ECA, UN Agencies, Private organizations etc, upon request 

Q:  What is expected of the organizer for ECACC to recruit interpreters?

A: Organizers are expected to send the programme of work for the meeting and specify the languages that interpretation in is required (French-into-English or English-into-French)

Q:  What is the rate of interpreter per day?

A:  Daily salary rate is USD 616 plus staff assessment USD 80.