Dialogue politique de haut niveau sur la planification du développement en Afrique
Intégration de l'urbanisation dans la planification nationale du développement en Afrique
Mardi, Juin 7, 2016 - Jeudi, Juin 9, 2016
Yaoundé, Cameroun

In recent years, Africa has registered impressive economic performance and future prospects remain strong. In 2016, a real GDP growth rate of 4.3 per cent is projected for Africa, considerably higher than the world growth rate of 2.9 per cent.1 However, concerns remain about the inclusiveness and sustainability of this growth performance as Africa continues to face a host of challenges including high unemployment, inequality and poverty, among others. In general, employment continues to be dominated by low productivity and vulnerable jobs, largely in the informal sector, which is particularly concerning in light of the youth bulge in the region. This leads to the question of whether the current growth patterns in African countries are likely to lead to structural transformation.


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Mme Sofia Nesri

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