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9 Juillet 2018
Eco News
Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) Executive Secretary, Vera Songwe has urged Nigeria to join the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) movement after appropriate consultations and offered ECA support to help the West African country join South Africa and 48 other countries in signing the AfCFTA.
29 Juin 2018
The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), says implementing the region’s single currency agreement may not be possible before 2020
26 Juin 2018
19 Juin 2018
The President spoke when ECA Executive Secretary Vera Songwe paid him a courtesy call at State House, Nairobi, on her first visit to Kenya in her new role as leader of one of the United Nation’s regional development agencies/file By KENNEDY KANGETHE, NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 19 – Kenya will work with the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to protect and grow start-up tech innovations and to...
18 Juin 2018
The African continent needs to work together on a country and regional level to put in place and, more crucially, implement a sustainable maritime governance system that will benefit the whole continent, concluded delegates at the first Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) (
1 Juin 2018
26 Mai 2018
ECA Central Africa
This is a concluding report by the Cameroon Radio Television’s Charles Ebune on the 51st Session of the Economic Commission for Africa and Conference of African Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.
18 Mai 2018
Along the side-lines of the 51st Session of the Economic Commission for Africa, CNBC Africa spoke to Mesela Nhlapo, CEO of the Railroad Association. They say they have all that the AFCFTA needs to implement; they just need to be enabled.
17 Mai 2018
The Continental Free Trade Area Agreement could increase intra-African trade to over 52 per cent by 2022. Every region should deliberate about what it brings to the table.
16 Mai 2018
Although the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) seeks to create a wider market for trade, local manufacturers are seeking government’s intervention in limiting the number of product lines that will be liberalised, as a protectionist measure.
16 Mai 2018
Stephen Karingi, Director for Regional Integration, Infrastructure and Trade Division from the UN Economic Commission for Africa, spoke to CNBC Africa about African trade relations.
15 Mai 2018
The 51st African finance ministers meeting is being held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The four-day event will be discussing ways of implementing the continental free-trade area agreement and address some macroeconomic concern
15 Mai 2018
According to the Economic Commission for Africa, a 1 per cent increase in corruption reduces a country’s GDP by 0.13 per cent. For more CNBC Africa is joined by Executive Secretary Vera Songwe, on how to fight this endemic.
15 Mai 2018
CNBC Africa is joined by Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, Deputy Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa helped unpack expectations of the 51st Economic Commission for Africa session.
15 Mai 2018
CNBC Africa brings you this special of the 51st session of the Economic Commission for Africa, and Conference of Ministers and focusses on employment and social protection; data collection, and reducing dependence on export commodities.
14 Mai 2018
At the 51st Economic Commission for Africa session, conversations were had on a one monetary framework, and the need to urgently align with both 2030 goals and Agenda 2063. CNBC Africa spoke to Dimitri Sanga, Director, West Africa’s Sub-regional Office.
3 Mai 2018
Le Sénégal a abrité la 4 ème édition du forum régional africain sur le développement durable, prévu du 2 au 4 mai. Ce forum, présidé par le 1er ministre Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, a pour cette année comme thème : transformer nos société pour les rendre viables et résilientes.
3 Mai 2018
Ms. Fatima Denton, Director of ECA’s Special Initiatives Division talks about the the fourth session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development.
28 Mars 2018
Strategies on economic diversification are gaining grounds in Central Africa, not least boosted by the Douala Consensus reached during ECA's 33rd Intergovernmental Committee of Experts' session in Douala - Cameroon in September 2017.
27 Mars 2018
In this 16-minute edition of GLOBEWATCH aired on the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV) in March 2018, presenter Charles Ebune quizzes the Director of the Sub-Regional Office for Central Africa of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) - Antonio Pedro - on the stakes of the AfCFTA especially on what it means for Central Africa.