35th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Senior Officials and Experts (ICE) for Central Africa
Digital Transformations and Economic Diversification in Central Africa: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
Monday, September 23, 2019 to Friday, September 27, 2019
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

About the session

This session will be a contribution to the operationalization of the Douala Consensus adopted at the 33rd session of the ICE (Cameroun, September 2017), and the 34th session of the ICE (September 2018, N'Djamena, Chad) on the financing of industrialization in Central Africa.


The main objective of the thirty-fifth session of the ICE is to consider ways and means to better mainstream the digital economy into the economic diversification strategies of the sub-region to accelerate its structural transformation, and to pool the efforts of all Central African countries in terms of digital technology, to set up an integrated digital ecosystem.

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Main Conference Concept notes

Concept note, ICE (ENG)

Nota conceptual, CIE  (ESP)

Note conceptuelle, CIE (FR)

Nota conceptual, CIE (POR)


Conference Background Study

Rapport sur l’économie numérique en Afrique centrale  (FR)


Draft Agenda and Programme

Agenda (ENG)

Work Programme (ENG)

Agenda (ESP)

Programa de trabajo (ESP)

Agenda (FR)

Programme de travail (FR)

Agenda (POR)

Programa de trabalho (POR)


High-level dialogue

High-Level Dialogue on the Digital Economy in Central Africa (EN)

Diálogo de Alto Nivel sobre la Economía Digital en África Central (ESP)

Dialogue de Haut Niveau sur l’économie numérique en Afrique centrale (FR)

Diálogo de Alto Nível sobre a economia digital na África Central (PORT)


Demonstration Hub Segment

Demonstration Hub (ENG)

Hub de demostraciones (ESP)

Pôle De Démonstration (FR)

Feira de Exposições (POR)


Thematic groups

Download the concept notes for the three thematic group discussions here (ENG, ESP, FR, PORT)


Special Event on Structural Transformation in Central Africa

SPECIAL EVENT: The Status of Structural Transformation in Central Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (ENG)

EVENTO ESPECIAL - Estado de la transformación estructural en África Central: Desafíos y Oportunidades (ESP)

EVENEMENT SPECIAL: « L’Etat de la transformation structurelle en Afrique Centrale : Défis et opportunités » (FR)

SESSÃO ESPECIAL: “Situação da transformação  estrutural na África Central: Desafios e Oportunidades” (POR)


Ad hoc Expert Group Meeting on "Achieving SDGs through development planning"

Concept note (ENG)

Nota conceptual  (ESP)

Note conceptuelle - FR

Nota conceptual (POR)


Ad hoc Expert Group Meeting on “Impact of the African Continental Free Trade Area on countries of Central Africa: Assessment based on a computable general equilibrium model”

Concept note (ENG)

Nota conceptual  (ESP)

Note conceptuelle - FR

Nota conceptual (POR)



Mise en œuvre des ODD (dans le cadre de l’Agenda 2030) et l’Agenda 2063 en Afrique centrale (FR)

Rapport annuel des activités de la CEA en Afrique centrale (FR)


Evaluation forms

ICE 2019 evaluation forms (ENG)

Fiche d'évaluation du CIE 2019 (FR)


Information note for conference participants

Information note (ENG)

Nota de información (ESP)

Note d’information (FR)

Nota informativa (Por)