African Institute for Economic Development and Planning

Historical Background

The African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP) is a pan-African institution created in 1962 by the General Assembly of the United Nations. It began its operations on 21st November, 1963 with the primary purpose of accompanying and supporting newly independent African countries in their quest to build their human resource capacities as a necessary prerequisite for sustaining independence and promoting socio-economic development.

Mission & Mandate

Over the years since its establishment, IDEP has primarily functioned within its overarching mandate of accompanying African governments in their training and capacity development efforts in the fields of economic management and planning. To this end, it works closely with the ministries of finance, economic development and planning of its African Member-States to assess their needs and develop general, specialized, and tailor-made courses for their mid-career and senior officials. It also works with various line ministries concerned with the socio-economic development of Africa.