Mineral Policy and Contract Negotiations

Announcement in Brief

Date : 04 – 15 September 2017
Duration : 2 weeks
Language : Bilingual (English & French)
Location : Dakar, Senegal
Programme Area : Mineral Policy and Contract Negotiations
Frais d’inscription : $2,500 (Excluding air travel and subsistence costs)
Bourses : A limited number of partial and full scholarships are offered
Application Deadline : 29th July, 2017


The overarching objective of the course is to contribute to the development of a critical mass of highly skilled middle and senior policy officials and decision makers who will be suitably or better equipped to design and manage mining policy for the development of their countries, sub-regions and the continent. A robust mining policy must necessarily be built on a clear developmental vision; such a vision must also inform the contractual negotiations that are held, so that in this way, vision, policy and negotiations are properly interfaced to achieve desired outcomes. In addition to policy issues, therefore, the course will also provide training on mining contract negotiations, doing so primarily on the basis of the African mining vision as the framing standard which African leaders have adopted under the auspices of the AU to ensure that African countries get the best benefits from their mineral resources for the purpose of advancing their national development agendas and the welfare of their citizens. The course will respond to the expressed needs of African governments for a corpus of skilled midlevel and senior personnel, who are adequately equipped to design, implement and evaluate policies for the operation and governance of mining activities and the promotion of national development through mining contracts agreed with private, mainly foreign companies.