Tools for Land Policy making and Implementation

The LPI has produced and distributed various study documents and advocacy materials to raise awareness of the LPI program among its stakeholders and partners; the distribution of these documents are targeted at member states, RECs, civil society and farmer’s organizations, research and academia, private sector and development partners.

For your reference and use some of the LPI documents that aim to raise awareness of its stakeholders and partners on land policy commitments, tools and evidence that is relevant to policy development, implementation and monitoring are listed below:

Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa

Framework & Guidelines on land policy in Africa (F&G)

Nairobi Action Plan on Large Scale Land-Based Investments in Africa

Guiding Principles on Large Scale Land-Based Investments in Africa (LSLBI)

Elements of a 5‐year LPI Strategic Plan and Roadmap (2012‐2016)

Land Policy Initiative (LPI): A response to the Rio Conference on Sustainable Development

Eighth African Development Forum (ADF-VIII): Governing and Harnessing Natural Resources for Africa’s Development