Draft agenda


1. Opening of side events:

  • Role of remittances in financing development in Africa: lessons learned from North Africa (ECA and ESCWA)
  • A new paradigm in health financing: the importance of national funding (The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, in collaboration with African strategic partners)

2. Pre-session activities

3. Meetings and workshops

4. Official opening ceremony

5. Plenary session 1: round table on innovative policies for a world in transition

6. Plenary session 2: round table on private equity: state of private equity in Africa and its potential as an alternative source of financing investments in Africa, economic growth and job creation

7. Parallel thematic breakout sessions:

  •  Pension funds: tapping Africa’s unused wealth
  •  Impact investments
  • Enhancing the role of Governments with a view to attracting greater private equity investments in support of national development efforts

8. Plenary session 3: round table on domestic resource mobilization: challenges and opportunities

9. Parallel thematic breakout sessions:

  •  Taxation and accountability
  •  Deepening financial markets, unlocking capital
  • Remittances and diaspora bonds

10. Plenary session 4: round table on illicit financial flows: an African problem with a global solution

11. Plenary session 5: round table on new forms of partnerships: renewed partnerships for the development of Africa in a multipolar world

12. Plenary session 6: round table on the issue of climate financing for Africa

13. Parallel thematic breakout sessions:

  • Illicit financial flows and governance of natural resources
  • Capacity enhancement to curtail illicit financial flows
  • Regional value chains, South-South trade and development prospects in Africa
  • Going beyond the donor-recipient dichotomy: what is the role of emerging actorsand the African private sector?
  • New partnerships and emerging sources of development finance

14. Plenary session 7: review of the discussions, policy suggestions and proposed actions emanating from the breakout sessions

15. Launch of the Mutual Review of Development Effectiveness in Africa 2014

16. Plenary session 8: open-ended discussion on the draft consensus statement

17. Closing ceremony

18. Press conference

19. Concert