About AMDC

Africa is well endowed with mineral resources and has a long history of mining, but has so far not reaped the developmental benefits from these resources. This is largely due to the weak integration of Africa’s mining sector into national economic and social activities.

The African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government have taken deliberate steps to address this weakness, through the endorsement of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) and the establishment of the African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) to provide strategic operational support for the Vision and its Action Plan.

The mission of the Centre is to work with member States and their national and regional organisations to promote the transformative role of mineral resources in the development of the continent through increased economic and social linkages.

A key objective of the Centre is to ensure that Africa’s interests and concerns in this lucrative sector are properly articulated and internalized throughout the continent, for the benefit and prosperity of all.

The AMDC advocates for the enhanced use of geological and geospatial information to manage long-term developmental outcomes in African mining countries, as well as a well-governed African mining sector that is socially and environmentally accountable. The Centre also aims to contribute to the fostering of a highly skilled and knowledge-driven mining sector which delivers greater economic and social benefits as a result of high productivity levels.

The International Study Group Report on Africa's Mineral Regimes: Minerals and Africa's Development, which supports the Africa Mining Vision, is aimed at informing policy decisions in this sector and serves as a key reference for guiding the implementation of the African Mining Vision and the establishment of the AMDC.

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