About Macroeconomic Policy

Our focus

In pursuit of its mandate to promote the economic development of its member States, ECA’s work in the field of macroeconomic policy places particular emphasis on collecting and analyzing data, preparing annual surveys, and producing profiles and reports on economic conditions, governance and development management in Africa.

ECA consistently advocates for a predictable and sound macroeconomic policy framework that is supportive of inclusive growth, private sector development, employment, value addition, economic trnsformation and sustainable development. Through its publications, such as the Economic Report on Africa, the Commission disseminates best practices of specific aspects of economic management within Africa. 

ECA’s  policy research  aims to share knowledge on various aspects of development strategy and planning in Africa, including policy coordination and implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. Its long-term approach focuses on tracking and analyzing trends in economic growth, finance, and governance, in countries of the region and making recommendations on measures for wealth creation and poverty reduction.

Additionally, the Commission undertakes national and regional policy studies on economic reforms, domestic resource mobilization, international and illicit financial flows,  external debt, and exchange rate management.

ECA also supports the fostering of an enabling environment for the development of the financial sector, entrepreneurship and private sector operations,.

The reduction of the high incidence of poverty on the continent is one of the key Millennium Development Goals.  To achieve the MDGs, African countries must pursue strategies to promote sustainable and equitable growth and development. In that regard, ECA assists its member States in formulating and implementing related policies, as well as in monitoring progress towards the MDGs and the implementation of the Istanbul Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries.