ACPC fellowship programme

On commencing its activities in 2011, ACPC recognized the need for a platform that would expose young African climate change scientists and academics to regional and global trends in climate change research and responses. In the same year, ACPC established a fellowship programme through which fellows in the following areas were recruited:


Number of Fellows

Climate Change and Water development


Climate Science


Governance and Institutional Development


Hydrology and Climate Change


Low Carbon Development


The above first batch of nine fellows will complete their work at ACPC in 2013 after significantly enriching and complementing ACPC’s work areas in numerous target African countries that include Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gambia, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi and Mozambique.

The ACPC fellowship programme is aimed at benefitting young African post graduates and lasts for two years, with fellows engaging in research and field work in areas of their expertise, guided by ACPC’s climate change sectoral experts. As the ACPC fellowship programme develops, ACPC plans to embed fellows in research institutions across Africa for a portion of the fellowship. This will serve to broaden their experience in cutting edge contemporary climate change response areas.

Thanks to additional sponsorship by USAID, ACPC is expanding its fellowship programme in 2013 by recruiting the second batch of fellows to work in agriculture, policy research and climate science.

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