AEC 2010 - Objectives

Against this background, the main objective of the African Economic Conference is to provide a platform for experts on Africa to reflect and dialogue on new directions for growth policy on the continent in order to determine the best approaches to attain the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), achieve the objectives of NEPAD and accelerate Africa's sustainable development.

The specific objectives of the African Economic Conference are:

To promote knowledge management as an important driver of policy dialogue, good policy planning and implementation;To foster and promote innovative thinking among researchers, development practitioners and African policymakers;To encourage and enhance research on economic and policy issues related to the development of African economies;To provide an opportunity for Africans in the Diaspora, regional and sub-regional organizations to disseminate their research findings as well as share information with African policymakers on the work they do in the region.

With these objectives, the AEC has now become a premier forum that brings together outstanding academics and development practitioners in the field of economics. For the Bank, the AEC further provides a forum that fosters dialogue and exchange of knowledge that contributes to the search of solutions to many challenges facing the African continent. Such discourse also helps the Bank to better target its interventions to improve relevance and development effectiveness.