ECA Databank

The ECA statistical database (StatBase) is an internet based platform for compilation and dissemination of data on various socio-economic indicators on African countries.  It holds data on a wide range of indicators covering various areas such as Population, Education, Health, National Accounts, Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Environment,   Tourism, Trade as well as Millennium Development Goals indicators.

The platform provides data access features like search, browse by countries or thematic areas and provides predefined data sets on selected topics.  Available data may be downloaded to excel, comma separated value (CSV), Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.

In line with the new strategic directions of ECA, the database will be revamped and replaced by a databank designed to better support rigorous and evidence based policy research and advocacy in all ECA’s areas of work.

Questions and Answers

  1. Q. What are the top three biggest Economies in Africa?


    South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria with GDP of 408 billion USD, 231 billion USD, and 223 billion USD at current prices respectively in 2011.

  2. Q. What are the two regions with the highest inflation rate?


    They are Eastern Africa and Western Africa with annual inflation rate at 13.34% and 10.94% respectively in 2012.

  3. Q. What was the percentage share of intra-African export?


    It was 12.8% of the total trade in 2011. African countries trade more with the rest of the world.

  4. Q. What proportion of the total population in Africa use an improved drinking water source?

    A. 92% in North Africa and 61% in sub-Saharan Africa in 2010.

  5. Q. What is the mapping coverage of Africa continent at 1/25,000 scale?


    Only 2.9 % of the continent is mapped at 1/25.000 in 2007

  6. Q. What proportion of Africa’s populations live in urban areas?


    An estimated 40 percent of Africa’s populations live in urban areas.

  7. Q. How many out of every 1,000 live- born children in Africa die before celebrating their fifth birthday?

    A. In Africa an estimated 107 out of every 1000 live-born children die before their fifth birthday.

  8. Q. How many women die from pregnancy related causes in Africa in a year?


    It is estimated 270,000 maternal deaths occur in Africa every year, that is about 567 women die every day.