Format of the Conference

The Conference comprises plenary sessions with keynote presentations on the broad subject of green economy in the context of sustainable development, followed by several parallel sessions. These sessions are complemented by a Plenary sessions that seeks to articulate the key elements of the debate on the Conference theme.

The parallel sessions will provide an opportunity for the presentation of papers related to the Conference theme, with particular focus on the under listed sub themes:

  • Structural Transformation and Industrial Policies: industrial policies, industrial pollution, green industrialization processes and strategies, entrepreneurship/ business representatives and land use.
  • Human Development and Human Capital Development: education; health; poverty reduction; people’s empowerment
  • Green Investment and Financing: domestic resource mobilization, sustainable energy and energy efficiency, both in the public and private sector, as well as innovative financing options
  • Energy Issues in Green Economy: production and efficiency, links to technological innovation and industrial transformation
  • Sustainable Agriculture: land use in agricultural production, environmental goods and services, forestry, as well as environmental issues, among others.
  • Issues of Growth and Development and attainment of the Millennium Development Goals
  • Poverty Reduction and Unemployment Issues in Africa
  • Issues of Distortions in Production and Consumption in Africa’s real economy, particularly in Energy, Manufacturing and Agriculture
  • Pricing Issues in the Financial Markets and implications for macroeconomic stability and growth
  • Other areas: trade and sectoral policies, public finance and fiscal responsibility, micro and macro policies for sustainable development, institutional innovation and mechanisms, public-private partnership and regional cooperation, among others.

These sub-themes will make it possible for an in-depth examination of the potentials of green economy and other economic and social development issues leading to the transformation of the African economy. They will also assist in proffering solutions and policy options and strategies for the enhancement of sustainable development on the continent.

The Plenary Sessions will focus on issues such as:

  • Setting the Stage: The critical role of the state in promoting green economy
  • Natural Resource Management; Biofuels; Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Role of the private sector in the promotion of green technology
  • Mobilisation of resources and institution of meaningful policies to enhance structural transformation on Africa