IDEP Fellowships Programme

IDEP offers an opportunity to African policy officials and researchers to conduct concentrated research and study in a serene environment and with full institutional support. Participants in this programme benefit from fellowships that include a full or partial IDEP sponsorship and support according to their needs. The tenure for the fellowships is usually agreed between the Institute and the successful applicant. Three (3) categories of fellowships are available at the Institute:

Visiting Fellowship for Policy Researchers

The objective of theVisiting Fellowship for Policy Researchers is to provide opportunities for researchers working on economic management and development questions of interest to the different policy communities in Africa and to produce a policy research report or paper that could help advance the frontiers of development action. This fellowship programmecontributes to promoting and deepening intra-African knowledge sharing and mutual learning among researchers and other key development actors. The uniqueness of this programme is that it is dedicated to generation of knowledge on the African development agenda in all its dimensions. The beneficiaries are mandated to contribute, through their research, to the strengthening of the knowledge base for the pan-African project of an integrated regional economic development and unified continental political space. From the early 1980s onwards, on eof the personalities thrust forward by history to help keep the pan-African ideal alive among African intellectually was the late Tajudeen Abdulraheem (1961 – 2009). In recognition of his contribution to the building of a modern pan-African agenda and the nurturing of a pan_african consciousness, the beneficiaries of this programme are known as Tajudeen Abdulraheem Fellows.

→ Apply for Tajudeen Abdulraheem Visiting Fellowship In Development Policies 2017-2018 Competitive Examination. Idep, Dakar (Senegal)


 Visiting Fellowship for African Policy Officials

The IDEP Visiting Fellowship for African Policy Officials programme is aimed at officials of national governments, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and regional institutions such as the African Union (AU). The overarching objective of this programme is to afford officials working on economic management and development questions of interest an opportunity to undertake concentrated reflection in a serene environment over a determined period of time with a view to producing a policy paper as further input into their work. Exceptionally, development scholars whose work seat at the interface of research and policy are also considered for admission to this fellowship programme.

Intra-African Study visit Programme for Policy officials

The IDEP Intra-African Study Visit Programme is designed to provide African mid-career and senior African policy makers an opportunity to undertake study tours within Africa in order to promote cross-border mutual learning and exchange among them. The study tours are formulated around a specific problem around which participants are actively in search of clarity or workable solutions in the course of their day-to-day professional engagements. IDEP identifies institutions or sites around the continent where a similar problem has been or is being successfully addressed. The Institute then organises for a study tour to be undertaken by the participating officials on the basis of the terms of reference agreed by them, their hosts and IDEP. Tours are organised for a maximum period of two (2) weeks. Participating officials are required to be endorsed by their governments and are expected to be in a position to apply comparative lessons from the tour to address the problems that informed the visit in the first place.