The main objective of the African Economic Conference is to provide a platform for experts on Africa, both within and outside the continent, to reflect and dialogue on new directions for growth policy on the continent in order to determine the best approaches to attain the Millennium Development Goals, achieve the objectives of NEPAD and accelerate Africa’s sustainable development.

The specific objectives of the Sixth African Economic Conference are:

  • To build a common understanding of and exchange knowledge on the green economy concept among African scholars, policy makers as well as other experts in the field;
  • To deepen the knowledge-base in the subject in the quest to meet challenges and identify opportunities in a ‘green economy’ and to share experiences on what is working and what is not in terms of policy responses and interventions;
  • To suggest ways to reinforce capacities of governments and the private sector as well as empowering citizens in the promotion of green economy on the continent;
  • To articulate ways of formalizing a framework for African countries to ensure that relevant green economy concerns are addressed in international, regional and national fora.
  • To exchange knowledge as well as proffer solutions on other broad economic challenges confronting the African continent, ranging from macroeconomic issues, poverty, unemployment and financing for development among others.  

With these objectives, the African Economic Conference has remained true to its tradition of being the major forum for development practitioners, eminent scholars and experts in economics and ancillary subjects to dialogue and exchange knowledge as well as search for solutions on the numerous challenges confronting the African continent. It also assists the policy formulation efforts on the continent as well as providing better intervention in sectors critical to the promotion of growth and better living standards for the people of Africa.