Objective of the Science, Technology and Innovation Forum

The overall objective of the second African Science, Technology and Innovation Forum is to conduct a regional follow-up and review of progress made in order to identify potential mechanisms and measures that countries can deploy to scale up action, facilitate peer learning and advance transformative solutions to accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the goals of Agenda 2063:

(a)        Conduct a regional follow-up to, and review of, the implementation of the goals, with a focus on STI-related targets and STI as a means of implementation;

(b)       Provide a platform for peer learning and sharing of experiences, approaches, good practices and lessons learned, in order to accelerate the implementation of the two agendas;

(c)        Identify the technological gaps, institutional voids, challenges and opportunities for driving innovation for scaling up the implementation;

(d)       Identify actionable mechanisms for collaboration and matchmaking, to strengthen regional and international partnerships and investments in science, technology and innovation, to accelerate implementation of the two agendas within the decade 2020–2030.