Overall objective

The conference provides a platform for knowledge sharing and dissemination on ongoing work and emerging issues of climate change and development in Africa. The overall objective is to build a consensus amongst policy makers, academicians and practicing stakeholders on best practices in mainstreaming climate change concerns into development policies, strategies, programmes and practices. CCDA-II builds on CCDA-I to establish the need for integrating research, policy and practice to effectively utilise climate change adaptation and mitigation opportunities in Africa.

Specific objectives

  • Identify strategies to bridge the gap between the Climate for Development in Africa (ClimDev-Africa) programme and other initiatives in the continent through knowledge sharing and dissemination as well as partnership development.
  • Demonstrate lessons from best practices in climate-resilience and low carbon development programmes in Africa.
  • Deliberate on the effectiveness of policies on the ground in line with the existing international, regional and national frameworks and contexts.
  • Deliberate on the exposure, risk and vulnerability of the continent to the adverse impacts of climate change and the need for sound adaptation and mitigation strategies with emphasis on climate data, information and services in Africa.
  • Discuss and debate on the transition to modern energy access in Africa in the context of emerging issues in climate policies and low carbon development paths
  • Support the African negotiation position in the run up to the COP-18 in Doha through the analysis and debate of climate change issues relevant for the continent.