Aid and Income Stabilization
S. Guillaumont Jeanneney and S. J-A. Tapsoba
Impact of FDI on Poverty Reduction in Africa: Are there Regional Differences?
Gaston GOHOU, ISE, M.A., Ph.D. and Issouf SOUMARÉ, ISE, M.Sc., Ph.D., FRM, PRM
Rural Entrepreneurship for Women: A Case for Wealth Creation by Africa’s Rural Poor amidst Global Financial and Economic Crises
K M Baharul Islam
Remittances and Poverty in Ghana
Kwabena Gyimah-Brempong and Elizabeth Asiedu
Determinants of Inter-Country Variations in Industrial Performance in Africa: Evidence from Cross-Country and Panel Regressions
Steve Onyeiwu
EU-ECOWAS Economic Partnership Agreement: Nigeria’s Role in Securing Development-Focus and Regional Integration
Chibuzo N. Nwoke
Trade relations between the GCC and South Africa
Mina Baliamoune-Lutz
Competitiveness and Efficiency of The Banking Sector and Economic Growth in Egypt
Sunil S.Poshakwale and Binsheng Qian
Dhows to Planes: Trade Relations between the Arabian. Gulf and Africa and their Impacts on Development
Mwangi wa Gĩthĩnji
Debt sustainability and the ongoing financial crisis: The case of IDA-only African countries
Leonardo Hernández and Boris Gamarra
The Global Financial Crisis, Slowing Private Capital Inflows and Economic Growth in Rwanda and Burundi
Dr. Thomas Kigabo RUSUHUZWA and Dr. Joseph BARICAKO
Efficiency of the Banking Sector in South Africa
Mthuli Ncube
The Impact of Project Cost on Aid Disbursement Delay: The Case of the African Development Bank
Gaston GOHOU, ISE, M.A., Ph.D. and Issouf SOUMARÉ, ISE, M.Sc., Ph.D., FRM, PRM
Cross-border bank lending versus FDI in Africa’s growth story
José Brambila Macias, Isabella Massa and Victor Murinde
The global financial crisis and sub-Saharan Africa The effects of slowing private capital inflows on growth
José Brambila Macias and Isabella Massa
Monetary Policy Design when Consumption Prices are Subsidized: The Case of Tunisia
Mohamed Safouane Ben Aïssa and Nooman Rebei
The External Debt-Servicing Constraint and Public-Expenditure Composition in Sub-Saharan Africa
Augustin Kwasi FOSU
Understanding the Growth of African Financial Markets
Mihasonirina Andrianaivo and Charles Amo Yartey

Mauritius facing up to China
David V. Goliath

Modeling determinants of SMEs in Ethiopia: Would subsidies matter?
Zuzana Brixiova
Confronting the Global Financial Crisis: Bank Efficiency, Profitability and Banking System in Africa
Hiroyuki KIYOTA
Impact of China’s engagement on the sectoral allocation of resources and aid effectiveness in Africa
Jean-Claude Berthélemy
Understanding the Growth of African Financial Markets
Mihasonirina Andrianaivo and Charles Amo Yartey
Towards and EAC, COMESA and SADC Free Trade Area: Issues and Challenges
Tsidiso Disenyana
Recherche de l’efficience et pouvoir de marché des banques en Algérie : investigation empirique sur la période 2000-07
Prof Taoufik Rajhi and Prof Hatem Salah
Revenue mobilization in African Countries: Does Natural Resource Endowment Matter?
Léonce Ndikumana, Kaouther Abderrahim
Beyond the Financial Crisis: Critical Factors Binding Economic Growth. A Survey of African Growth Diagnostics
Iza Lejarraga
EU Policies and African Human Capital Development
Yaw Nyarko
Demand for health in Ethiopia: exploratory analysis from welfare monitoring surveys
Alemayehu Geda, Abebe Shimeles
Community based health insurance schemes (Mutuelles) in Rwanda: an evaluative note using household surveys
Abebe Shimeles

Growth, Poverty and Inequality in Ethiopia: which way for Pro-Poor Growth?
Alemayehu Geda, Abebe Shimeles, John Weeks

Short- Versus Long-Term Credit and Economic Performance: Evidence from the WAEMU
Kangni Kpodar, Kodzo Gbenyo
Public institutions and the private sector at time of economic crisis in Africa
Hilary Nwokeabia