Papers and Presentations

Day 1: 25 October 2011

Opening Ceremony

Welcome Address: Mr Abdoulie Janneh, Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)

Remarks: Mr Tegegnework Gettu, Assistant Secretary General and Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP

Remarks: Mr. Mthuli Ncube, AfDB Chief Economist

Remarks: Mr Jean Ping, Chairperson, African Union Commission (AUC)

Keynote Address and Official Opening: H.E. Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Day 2: 26 October 2011

Plenary Session 1 - Promoting the Green Economy for Africa's Structural Transformation

Greening Africa: Public Expenditure for Agriculture
Augustin K. FOSU

Promoting the Green Economy for Africa’s Structural Transformation
Afeikhena Jerome

Green Economy for Africa’s Structural Transformation
Desta Mebratu

1.1.1 Structural Transformation and Industrial Policies

Does green investment raise productivity?
SalifouISSOUFOU & Nama OUATTARA [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]

Credit Constraints and Productive Entrepreneurship in Africa
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Mina Baliamoune-Lutz, Zuzana Brixiová and Léonce Ndikumana

Energy Use and Sustainable Development: Evidence from the Industrial Sector in Nigeria [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Fidelis O.Ogwumike and Omo Aregbeyen

1.1.2 Human Development

The Impact of Mother’s Education on Child Health and Nutrition in
Developing Countries: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Burkina Faso
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Eugenie W. H. Maïga

Human Capital Development in Africa: Agents, Drivers and Implications for Growth and Structural Transformation [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Harry A. Sackey

Public education spending and poverty in Burkina Faso: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
BALMA, W. Francine Alida ILBOUDO, Adama OUATTARA, Roméo KABORE, Kassoum ZERBO, T. Samuel KABORE

1.1.3 Issues in Climate Change

Climate Variability and Livelihood Vulnerability in the Rural Areas of Lagos
Paper ] [ Presentation ]

Quelques aspects socio-économiques des aménagements hydro-agricoles en réponse aux impacts des changements climatiques dans les départements du Mono-Couffo (Benin, Afrique de l’Ouest) [ Paper ]
YABI Ibouraïma, AFOUDA Fulgence et BOKO Michel

To What Extent Are African Countries Made Vulnerable to Climate Change?
Lessons from a New Indicator of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change
Dans quelle mesure les pays africains sont-ils rendus vulnérables au changement climatique? [ Paper ]
Patrick GUILLAUMONT and Catherine SIMONET

Plenary (Special) Session 2- Sustainabale Growth in North Africa: Lessons for the Continent

1.2.1 Households and Market Competition

Market Competition in Export Cash Crops and Farm Income
Depetris Chauvin [ Paper ] [ Presentaton ]

The role of loans and remittances in  Consumption and Investment decisions in Urban Ethiopia [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Abbi Kedir, Gamal Ibrahim

Agricultural Sector Investment, Outsourcing and Political Risks: The Case of Kenya’s Flower Trade With the EU [ Presentation ]

1.2.2 Renewable Energy and Environmental Issues

Determinants of Renewable Energy Deployment – Evidence for Developing Countries 1980–2008 [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Birte Pohl, Michael Jakob, Steffen Schlömer

Social Capital and the Willingness to Pay for Environmental Good in African Countries [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Urbain Thierry YOGO

1.2.3 Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Green Technology

DAY 3: 27 October 2011

Plenary Session 3 - Natural Resource Management, Bio-Fuels, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

THE AFRICA MINING VISION - A Tool for Structural Transformation?
Wilfred C. Lombe

Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture In Africa - Experiences From The ATMS Project
Kofi Andah

Price volatility, food security, sustainable agriculture: a misunderstanding to be avoided 
Patrick Guillaumont

Natural resource management, food security, biofuels and sustainable agriculture
Olanrewaju Smith

Africa benefits from climate change via access to affordable, reliable and clean energy
Paul van Aalst

1.3.1 Sustainable Agriculture and Land Use

Agricultural primary commodity export and environmental degradation: what
consequences for populations health? [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Alassane DRABO

Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Assessing the Impact of Agro-pastoral Projects on the Productivity of Farmers Organisations: The Case of Cameroon [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]

EXTENSIFICATION versus INTENSIFICATION: Revisiting the Role of Land in African Agricultural Growth [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Guy Blaise NKAMLEU

Fuzzy Indicator of Sustainable Land Management and Its Correlates in Osun State, Nigeria [ Paper ] [ Presenation ]

1.3.2 Sustainable Development and Attainment of the Millenium

Do Climatic shocks matter for Food Security in Developing Countries?
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
KINDA  S   Romuald  & BADOLO Felix

1.3.3 The Critical Role of the State in Promoting the Green Economy

Plenary Session 4 - Role of Resource Mobilisation and Institutions in Structural Transformation

Resource Mobilization and Structural Transformation
Abdoulie Sireh-Jallow

Resource mobilization, institutions and structural transformation

Institutions and Economic Transformation: A Review of Nigerian and Indonesian Experience
Olu Ajakaiye and Afeikhena Jerome

The role of institutions and resource mobilisation in structural transformation

1.4.1 Poverty Reduction

Assessing Capacity Building and Good Governance Indicators in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Implications for Poverty Reduction
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Theodore J. Davis

Determinants of Income Poverty in Rural Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Nigeria [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Steve Onyeiwu, Jialu Liu

Livelihood strategies in rural South Africa: implications for rural Development
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
ZG Alemu

1.4.2 Household Wellbeing and Food Prices

Subjective well-being, comparisons and reference groups in post-apartheid South Africa [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Marisa Coetzee

Monitoring Household Coping during Shocks: Evidence from Kenya and the Philippines [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Shantanu Mukherjee and Shivani Nayyar

The Food Price Spikes of 2008/09 and 2010/11: Country-Level Impacts and Policy Responses in Africa[ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Pedro Conceição, Sebastian Levine and Zuzana Brixiova

1.4.3 Economic Growth and Financial Markets

Recent African Growth: What Changed, What's Matter? [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Abdoul Mijiyawa

Econometric Determinants of Liquidity of the Bond Market: Case Study of South Africa [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Forget Kapingura, Sylvanus Ikhide

FDI and Financial Market Development in Africa [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Isaac Otchere, Issouf Soumaré, Pierre Yourougou

DAY 4: 28 October 2011

Plenary Session 5 - Inclusive Growth and Food Security in Africa

Gender, human development and food security in Africa

Demographic Change, the Impact Model, and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
Kevin J.A. Thomas and Tukufu Zuberi

How Inclusive is Africa’s Growth?
Abebe Aemro Selassie

Long-Term Trends in Food Security: Africa’s Turnaround
William A. Masters

1.5.1 Trade Issues

The impact of high and volatile commodity prices on public finances in developing countries [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Hélène Ehrhart, Samuel Guérineau

The Impact of Trade Facilitation Mechanisms on Export Competitiveness
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Malcolm D. Spence, Stephen N. Karingi

The Implications of HO and IRS Theories for  Bilateral Trade Flows within
Sub-Saharan Africa [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Julie Lohi

1.5.2 Foreign Direct Investment

Revisiting the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: The Role of
Institutions and Policy Reforms [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Gamal Ibrahim, Adam El-Hiraika and Abbi Kedir, UNECA, Addis Ababa / University of Leicester, UK

Investment Climate and Foreign Direct Investment in Africa
Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Emmanuel Nnadozie and Angelica Njuguna, UNECA, Addis Ababa

Investssements Directs Chinois et Exportations des Etats Subsahariens
[ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
S. J-A Tapsoba and Dzifa Kpetigo, Centre d’Etudes sur la Chine et Contemporaine (CECMC) / International Monetary Fund

1.5.3 Transitioning and Structural Transformation Issues

Transitioning in and out of Formal Status: A Look at the Determinants of Informality among New Enterprises [ Presentation ]
Ousman Gajigo and Mary Hallward-Driemeier, African Development Bank / World Bank

Structural Transformation in SubSaharan Africa: The Regional Growth Poles Strategy [ Paper ] [ Presentation ]
Eric Ogunleye, Office of the Chief Economic Adviser to the President, Abuja, Nigeria

Resilient Human Capital: A precondition for Structural Transformation
Presentation ]
Adrian Gaucci and Chrystelle Tsafack Temah, UNECA