Subtheme 1

Key Note by J. Lengoasa, Deputy Secretary-General

The Benefits of Climate Information to the Health Sector

Horn of Africa Drought and Famine crisis: Climate Science Influencing Regional Policy

IUCN Ecosystem based approaches to adaptation and risk reduction

Climate Data Rescue in Selected Countries in Africa

Frontiers of African Climate Science Research - Delivering as One on Climate Research and Service Delivery in Africa

The Africa Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP): results and experience

Research Strategies for West Africa


Subtheme 2

Inclusive green growth in Africa: an ECA’s perspective

Sustainable Energy for all (SEFA): Key issues for Africa

Financing Energy Access - Sustainable Energy Access for All Africans by 2030

Technology Innovation for Energy Access in Africa

Mainstreaming Gender In Energy Access

The water-energy-food nexus and climate change in Southern Africa

Pida: Africa’s time for action – Interconnecting, Integrating, and Transforming a Continent

Climate and Infrastructure in Africa’s Major River Basins

Mainstreaming Climate Change in Development Planning– AfDB Experiences: Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience

Policy Frameworks for Green Growth in Developing Countries

Perspectives on Green Growth in Africa


Subtheme 3

Key Note by Richard Muyungi - Understanding key issues in climate change negotiations: Relevance for Africa

Kyoto Protocol Issues

Outstanding Issues in Climate Change Negotiations: Relevance for Africa

Implication for non-Annex 1 countries of various scenarios of global emissions peaking and Annex 1 reduction efforts

Climate finance for Africa in Action

Adaptation Finance - The status of climate finance: key issues for Africa

Global Governance of International and National Market Mechanisms: A Review of Proposals

The Ethiopian Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Facility

Loss and Damage at the UNFCCC

Linking global to regional action – the case of the Nairobi Work Programme and WACDEP

The State of Negotiations on Agriculture in the UNFCCC

Special Report on Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation (SREX)