Sub-theme 1: Climate Service Delivery for Development

Topic 1.1: Frontiers of research and development for climate science, services and policy
Topic 1.2: Climate observations (hydrological and meteorological) in Africa
Topic 1.3: Climate analysis for adaptation and risk management

Sub-theme 2: Sustainable Energy Access for All Africans by 2030

Topic 2.1: The state of sustainable energy for all initiative: implications for Africa
Topic 2.2: Water-agriculture-energy nexus
Topic 2.3: Policy, research, practice and responses for low carbon development

Sub-theme 3: Outstanding Issues in Climate Negotiations: Relevance for Africa

Topic 3.1: The state of climate change negotiations and implications for Africa
Topic 3.2: The status of climate finance: key issues for Africa
Topic 3.3: Emerging knowledge, science and partnerships for enhancing Africa’s negotiation position