Sub-theme 1: Climate Science, Data, Information and Service Delivery

Topic 1.1: Climate science

An Assessment of Africa’s Climate Observing Networks and Data, Including Strategies for Rescuing of Climatic Data

Climate Patterns and Hydro-climatic Scenarios in the Upper Blue Nile Basin

Targeting Climate Research and Services to Development Needs in Africa: The DFID-Met Office Hadley Centre Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP)

Climate Change Signals at Local Scale over Ethiopia: Insights from High Rresolution Gauge and Satellite Rainfalls

Topic 1.2: Lessons learned from various initiatives

ICPAC RCC Climate Modeling & Prediction Services to Eastern Africa Focusing on the IGAD region

Climate Monitoring and Prediction Services in Southern Africa

ACMAD Programme Two Decades of Achievements and Some Lessons Learned

Acquis du Centre Régional AGRHYMET dans le domaine du changement climatique dans l’espace CILSS/CEDEAO

Overview of AMESD

Topic 1.3: Data and information

Climate Science, Information, and Services in Africa: status, gaps and policy implications

Analysis of The Role Of Information And Communication Technologies (ICTS) In Climate Change Awareness In Seke And Murewa Districts of Zimbabwe

Climate Observations and African Development

Sub-theme 2: Climate Resilience Development and Adaptation

Topic 2.1: Socio ecological resilience and climate vulnerability, including health

Vulnerability and Climate Change Hot Spots in Africa: Mapping based on Existing Knowledge

Climate Change and Health: Critical Issues and Options for Africa

Integrated approaches to innovative climate change adaptation and resource use in Africa

Climate Change Awareness and Resilient Adaptation: Indigenous Drivers of Regional STI Policy in Niger Delta

Managing Loss & Damage: Climate Resilient Development & Adaptation in Africa

Topic 2.2: Climate change and water in Africa

Climate change, water resources of Africa and essential interventions

Climate Change and Water in Africa: A Strategic Perspective

Groundwater resources and climate change in Africa

Managing Water Supply under Climate Change: The Case for Small Water Utilities

A Comprehensive Development Strategy Formulation for Coping With Climate Change In Small Island States: The Case of Mauritius

Topic 2.3: Climate change and agriculture in Africa

Climate change and agriculture in Africa - analysis of knowledge gaps and needs

Agricultural Water Management in the Context of Climate Change

Contribution to the Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities within the Livestock Sector in North Africa, the Case of Morocco

Climate change and agriculture in Africa: the nexus and situation

Climate Change Impacts in Africa and the UNFCCC Negotiations: Policy Implications of recent Scientific Findings

Sub-theme 3: Low Carbon Development in Africa

Topic 3.1: Green economy in the context of Africa

Low Carbon Development: Implications for Climate Resilient Development in Africa

Green Growth Paradigm for Africa

Green Economy in the context of Africa: Ethiopia CRGE

Blind Spot: Sustainable Resilient Low-carbon Transport (A Cross-cutting Issue)

Topic 3.2: Energy access and poverty

Energy Access and Energy for Poverty Alleviation in Africa

Integrating Renewable Energy and Climate Change Policies: Exploring Policy Options for Africa

Agro-Industrial Low-Carbon Development Options in Southern Africa: The Case of Bioenergy from Sugarcane

Fossil Fuels in Africa in the Context of Carbon Constrained Future

Entrepreneurs, Enterprises and Energy in Africa

Topic 3.3: Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) and Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF)

Deliberating REDD+ institutions and governance in Africa

Climate Change In African Forestry : The Broader Policy context

REDD++ and Gender in Africa

What’s in LULUCF* in Africa?

Sub-theme 4: Economics and Finance

Topic 4.1: Economics of climate change in the context of Africa

The cost of adaptation to climate change in Africa

Infrastructure and Climate Change

Economics of Adaptation in Africa: Evidence for action

Contribution of Geothermal Energy To Low Carbon Development in the East Africa Rift System

Topic 4.2: Climate finance

Lessons from ‘fast start’ finance

Enhancing climate finance : understanding the direct access modality and the role of the fiduciary standards in emerging climate finance discourse

Évaluation des investissements et flux financiers pour faire face aux changements climatiques

Climate Finance: CDM Trends and Opportunities for Africa

Topic 4.3: Roles and experience of RECs and Member States in Climate Change

Regional Climate Change Implications and the Possible Role of Regional Institutions

Climate Change Concerns Management and Perspectives in ECOWAS Commission