Transport Infrastructure Development in Africa

Announcement in Brief

Date : 19 – 30 November 2018
Duration : 2 weeks
Language : Bilingual (English & French)
Location : Dakar, Senegal
Programme Area : Transport and Infrastructure
Frais d’inscription : $2,500 (Excluding air travel and subsistence costs)
Bourses : Yes (IDEP offers partial and full scholarships) 
Application Deadline : 28th September, 2018


The aim of the course is to strengthen the capacity of the relevant officials of African countries to design, implement, monitor and evaluate the efficacy of appropriate infrastructure and transport policies to facilitate structural transformation of the economies of the continent. The specific objectives of the course are:

  • To develop the knowledge of participants in transport infrastructure policy issues and challenges facing Africa.
  • To develop the practical skills of participants in policy design, planning, implementation and monitoring of transport infrastructure programmes and projects.
  • To develop knowledge of alternative institutional and financing arrangements and to provide participants with skills that are needed to engage fully as policy officials in projects (including PPP projects) from the planning, design, implementation and monitoring.