Economic and Social Development

High Level Policy Dialogue on Mobilising Domestic Resources for Development in Africa

The Capacity Development Division (CDD) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) organized a high-level dialogue on opportunities for mobilizing domestic resources for national development on 26-27 February 2015, in La Somone, Senegal . This event was in response to the request of 54 African governments, following the Conference of Ministers held in Abuja in March 2014, for more information on increasing national savings and raising domestic revenue. The two-day high level dialogue included presentations of innovative research on domestic resource mobilization and will highlight select country experiences with revenue generation. Some ideas discussed included: 

  • Expanding the tax base
  • Securitizing Remittances
  • Harnessing insurance and pension funds
  • Capturing and redirecting illicit financial flows
  • Increasing intra-Africa trade and production

In addition, the meeting encouraged regional thinking on: a) creating an enabling environment for resource mobilization; b) transparently harnessing resources for development, and; c) monitoring and evaluating mechanisms. Participants included senior officials of member States ministries of finance, economy and planning, and private sector and civil society representatives.