Economic Report on Africa 2015

Industrializing through trade
Economic Report on Africa 2015

This Report examines and provides analysis on the critical elements of effectively fostering industrialization and hence structural transformation based on an extensive review of experience with industrialised countries and Africa’s post-independence attempt at industrialization. Ten country case studies were also conducted to shed light on industrializing through trade. The findings from this exercise informed the policy recommendations contained in this Report.

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Executive Summary

Key Findings - Policy Recommendations


Chapter 1: Recent Economic and Social Developments in Africa and Medium-Term Prospects

Chapter 2: Structural Change and Social Development

Chapter 3: Theories and Experience

Chapter 4: Repositioning Africa in Global Value Chains and Facilitating Trade in Intermediates and Services

Chapter 5: Getting Trade Agreements to Advance Africa’s Industrialization

Chapter 6: Towards a Selective Trade Policy Framework for Industrializing Africa

Statistical Note