Future Risks and Opportunities for Africa from AR5 WGII EN

Future Risks and Opportunities for Africa from AR5 WGII EN

Highlight on the “Future Risks and Opportunities for Adaptation in Africa” from the Summary of the IPCC AR5 WGII for the Policymaker

In recent decades, changes in climate that impact on natural and human systems are increasingly affecting Africa. Evidence of climate-change impacts is strong and more comprehensive mainly in the development sectors of the continent such as water, agriculture and health.

Water sector

Key Risk: The main risk factor in the water sector is the multiple stresses on water resources that are currently facing significant strain from overexploitation, degradation and the increased demand in the future. The risk confidence is higher under the context of drought stress esp. in the dryprone regions of Africa.

Adaptation issues and prospects: The adaptation issues and prospects to reduce the risk have been assessed, it consists of:

  • Reducing non-climate stressors on water resources
  • Strengthening institutional capacities for demand management, groundwater assessment, integrated water-wastewater planning, and integrated land and water governance
  • Sustainable urban development