The potential for the creation of Regional Value Chains in North Africa: a sector-based mapping

The potential for the creation ofRegional Value Chains in North Africa: a sector-based mapping

This study aims to identify the opportunities and challenges in building regional value chains, using a sectoral mapping of existing regional value chains and an analysis of their development potential. The report includes a draft action plan and a set of recommendations to facilitate trade, reform the current institutional and regulatory framework and build the capacity of key actors for greater regional integration.

Developing regional value chains is essential for better regional integration in North Africa, thereby which would lead to higher economic growth fuelled by improved intra-regional investments and increased trade among member countries. Once interrelated and Interdependent, the productive fabrics of various economies will act as catalysts both for the real integration and the structural transformation of North African economies.

While the general aim of the present analysis is to improve the existing body of relevant knowledge and know-how, it is particularly aimed at building member countries' capacities to implement the public policies necessary for the development of value chains involving the countries of the sub region. Since 2013, the ECA Office for North Africa has advocated, through studies and research, for the promotion of regional value chains and their use as a suitable instrument for regional integration and structural transformation in member countries.