Summary of Synthesis Report- Harmonising APRM-NPoAs and other National Plans Into a Common Medium Term Expenditure Framework: Experiences from Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, and Benin

It became clear soon after the Peer Review that as important as the task of preparing the CSAR was for the countries involved, the real challenge was in implementing the NPoAs. Among the important preconditions for this, was to: ascertain by how much the NPoAs had added to the nation’s development funding need, determine how the funds to cover the additional costs would be raised and from where, include the NPoA into the national budget and the Medium Term Expenditure Framework, ensure that the NPoA was actually implemented, and finally to properly monitor and evaluate it. In short it was important to establish that the NPoAs had been accurately costed, adequately financed, efficiently implemented, and diligently monitored.


These and other concerns came to the attention of the APRM’s strategic partners (ADB, UNECA and UNDP) who undertook to investigate them. They undertook several field missions to explore the experience of the leading counties in the process with a view to teasing out their lessons for the benefit of the countries that had yet to start their AMRM journey.