Acceleration of the implementation of the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP)

Dakar, June 4, 2015 (ECA) - On Tuesday, June 2, 2015 at the Hotel Terroubi in Dakar, the Coordinator of the General Directorate for Planning and Economic Policies of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Planning of Senegaland the Director of the Sub-Regional Office for West Africaof the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa proceeded with the launching of thecapacity strengthening project for development planning in Senegal.

With the implementation of this project, Senegal will have at its disposal a complete set of indicators and a database which will make it possible to ensure the efficient monitoring of its economic and social performance in order to better contribute to effective public actions and to accelerate the process of its economic emergence. In addition, this project will undoubtedly strengthenthe capacities of the personnel of the Directorates for Research and Programmes of the differentministries in Senegal in terms of statistics and data analysis as well as in the WAEMU planning innovations.

This is why, in recognizing the great value of this important support, M. Mayacine Camara, the Coordinator of the General Directorate of Planning and Economic Policies of Senegal extended his thanks to the ECA for this valuable support at a time when his country is implementing the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) which should result in “a structural transformation of the economy by setting the foundations for healthy growthin order to sustainably improvethe macroeconomic framework and meet social demands”.

In addition, he asserted that “the use of instruments and tools for planning that this project provides for Senegal to analyze, in depth and in detail, its economic and social systems, will make it possible to gaina better view of the short, medium and long terms in order to    improve the policies to be implemented to contribute to the achievement of Senegal Vision 2035”.

For Dr. Dimitri Sanga, the Director of the Sub-Regional Office for West Africa of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, this valuable support from the ECA to the Government of Senegal forms a part of the normal framework of his mandate. It aims at “strengthening the capacities for analysis, projections and macroeconomic and sectoral frameworks, as well as the monitoring of the performance of economic policies of the General Directorate for Planning”.Support for this central planning structure, he added, “also strengthens its technical capacities and its analytical tools in order to contribute more efficiently to efforts underway to accelerate the economic emergence of Senegal”.

The very relevant discussions and dialogues among the forty participants originating from 18 ministerial departments will make it possible for Senegal to meet the many economic and social challenges looming on the horizon. Among these challenges can be listed youth employment and access to basic social services, as well as those brought about by external factors related to the international environment.

It should be noted that the Government of Senegal and the ECA, while commending the exemplary cooperation between them, reiterated their firm commitment to do everything possible to ensure the smooth execution of this project which is due to end in December 2015.


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