Chad launches the Country Mining Vision

N'Djamena, 1 June 2017 (ECA) - The Government of Chad, in collaboration with the African Minerals Development Center (AMDC), launched the domestication process of the African Mining Vision (AMV).

The event, which took place from 29 to 30 May in the capital city of Chad brought together members of a special inter-ministerial committee as well as a multidisciplinary team of experts from ECA. The main objective of this workshop was to build the foundations for the first step of the Country Mining Vision (CMV) process, which consists on the formalization of the mining policy and the revision of the Chadian mining code and its implementing texts in line with the AMV principles.

The implementation of the CMV process in Chad is the response to “a clear political will” and the economic initiative requiring an in-depth reform of the mining sector governance in order to boost the industrial transformation of the country according to AMV principles.

In her opening remarks, Ms. Souad Aden-Osman, CoDA representative, said,

“The close collaboration between the Ministry of Mines, Geology and Quarries, and AMDC aims to make Chad the model of the domestication of the AMV in Central Africa. The involvement of Chad in the CMV process is the right step towards the formalization of its mining policy and the reform of the legal and regulatory framework of the mining sector.” The reforming process of the Chadian’s mining policy and mining code will take into consideration both national and regional aspects.

During two days, participants in the workshop discussed on the key aspects of the mining governance in Chad and the reforms to be undertaken in order to align the existing legal and regulatory framework with AMV. Other aspects such as the methodology of work, the terms of reference and the roadmap of the revision process, were also addressed. The main stakeholders of the mining sector governance in Chad were able to present to AMDC the country's expectations and to express the government's will to increase the attractiveness of the Chadian mining sector while ensuring that the reform of the mining sector increase the use of local human and material resources along the value chain.

The Minister of Mines, Geology and Quarries underlined the fact that the obsolescence of the legislative and regulatory framework of the Chadian mining sector is a hindrance to the development of the mining industry. Minister David Houdeingar appreciated the quality of the experts recruited, as part of the project to formalize the Chadian mining policy and to review the mining code as well. He added, “I wish that the next mining code, which will be adopted before the end of 2017, be clearer and precise. It is a key condition for the development of a strong and competitive mining industry in Chad.”

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