Congo gears up for inclusive and diversified growth of 9%

Brazzaville / Yaounde, March 13, 2020 (ECA) - A wide range of actors from around twenty sectors and social strata have today teamed up with the Government of the Republic of Congo and the UN Economic Commission Africa (CECA) to validate the  country’s long-term development strategy paper, known as Congo Vision 2048.

The new Vision, which aims to take charge up the average annual growth rate of Congo's GDP from 4.5% to 8% - 9% over a long period, in an inclusive and job-creating manner, constitutes a big change from the planning systems of yesteryears which ran on tight 5-year deadlines.

According to experts from the Ministry of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration of Congo and those of the Sub-regional Office for Central Africa of ECA, these short and medium term planning models had objectives which were difficult to achieve on schedule. This has informed the decision to draw up a more comprehensive, long-term strategic document.

Despite all its potential, the Congolese economy is little diversified, with the petroleum industries contributing to 60% of GDP as against 4.5% for the agricultural sector as a whole, 4.6% for the manufacturing industries, and 24.1 % for services in 2015.

It is in this context that the Congo Vision 2048 Strategic Document is hinged on four principles, notably: 1) capitalizing on social development achievements already made in the Congo, 2) a well-governed Congo, 3) a competitive, productive, diverse, industrialized and integrated Congolese economy, and 4) a healthier environment, a more resilient population and better cities.



For the Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration of the Congo - Ms. Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka Babackas, “it is a question of envisioning the economic, political and institutional contours of our country by 2048 and securing the full adherence of the Congolese people to this vision built on objective bases.”

 "Congo Vision 2048 is therefore a set of goals to be achieved and constitutes an image, a destination, a will and an ideal capable of structurally transforming the face of the country in 2048."

As for the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in the Congo, Mr. Chris Mburu, the “Vision 2048 of the Congo constitutes a solid foundation on which the National Development Plan currently being implemented, that is the PND 2018-2022,  and future medium-term development plans, can be hinged."

He said he was convinced that "with its significant endowments in natural resources such as potash, its strategic geographic location, its human capital and many other factors, the Republic of Congo is very well placed to achieve its Vision by 2048 and play a significant role in the transformation of Africa ”.

Mr. Mamadou Bal, Economic Affairs Officer at ECA, considers that this long-term strategy document which has just been validated, will help the Congo modernize its administration, improve the quality of its educational system, increase its capacity to attract private national and foreign investments, facilitate its exchanges with neighboring countries and put it in good stead to take advantage of the sub-regional nd large continental markets.

According to the experts who developed it, if Vision 2048 is executed in a meticulous manner, it will better the lives of the Congolese people, thanks in particular to:

- A liberal and participatory democracy;

- An efficient and accountable administration serving the population;

- Fair justice;

- Assured security and guaranteed national integrity;

- Effective decentralization;

- An economic environment favorable to inclusive and diversified growth;

- A diversified and integrated economy;

- A structural transformation of the economy;

- A stable and harmonious family system;

- Access for all to quality basic social services;

- A negligible level of poverty and illiteracy;

- A negligible level of unemployment and underemployment;

- Guaranteed social protection for all;

- Training adapted to the needs of the nation;

- A nation which guarantees equity between women and men in terms of access to electoral mandates and decision-making;

- A nation which guarantees the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable people;

- A nation which guarantees the resilience of its people in the face of disasters.



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