Dialogue on conflict and development; unraveling three ECA studies

What are the root-causes of conflict in Africa? What are the political, social and economic costs of conflict on the continent? Why have situations of conflict persisted in the horn of Africa and the Great Lakes regions and why have some recently emerged along the Sahel Belt?

At the behest of the African Union Commission, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa has undertaken three studies to dissect the complexities of conflict in these regions. The findings have been extensively reviewed and beefed up and are now ready for appropriation by those who drive intra-regional diplomacy in Africa. How would they want to tailor policies that sustainably ward off conflict in order for Africa to concentrate its structural transformation efforts to attain the goals of Agenda 2063?

Come and follow the compelling dialogue on the complex situation of conflicts based on ECA’s empirical research.


What:High Level Policy Dialogue on Conflict and Development for the Sahel, Horn and Great Lakes Regions; three ECA reports on the causes of conflict, the impact of conflict on Africa’s development and policy implications for states. 

Who:  The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, the African Union Commission, the Regional Economic Communities, Directors General and/or Permanent Secretaries in Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Continental development partners

When: Friday 02 October 2015 from 8:30 am to Saturday 03 Oct 2015 from 9:30 am

Where: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, La Bypass, P.O. Box OS 3000 Osu, Accra - Ghana

Photo opportunities? Yes, available upon request from: aakara@uneca.org


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