Experts gathered to discuss a proactive African response to commodity price volatility

Addis Ababa, 02 March 2017 (ECA) – The African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) together with Tax Justice Network-Africa (TJN-A) will convene a colloquium addressing Africa’s response to the global collapse in commodity prices.

Experts will present and discuss mineral and economic policy issues with particular emphasis on the global and Africa-specific impact of the price fall, and what policy responses African countries have implemented in order to address the adverse effects of this crisis.

These experts from specializing on resource mobilization, illicit financial flows, fiscal policy and other topics, will present specific findings in their fields and engage in discussions on how global commodity markets have affected these particular areas.

Joining the substantive experts will be representatives from member States, international organizations and other stakeholders ranging from think tanks to CSOs. The colloquium is expected to generate a robust discussion on lessons learned from positive and pro-active policy reactions across Africa and what initiatives can be replicated and scaled-up regionally.

Participants will also discuss what pre-emptive measures can be put in place to help link Africa’s mineral endowments with diversified economic activities in order to shield the continent from adverse effects of future commodity volatility, particularly given the potential for a mineral price rebound.

The colloquium will be held on 8 March 2017, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, in Conference Room 3 of the UN Conference Centre.


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