Green industrialisation deemed Central Africa’s way to go!

N’Djamena, Chad, 05 March 2014 (ECA) The green economy provides real prospects for industrial development for Central Africa considering the rapid structural change it may enjoy from the transformation of its huge potential of natural resources into finished products for local consumption and export." The Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation of the Republic of Chad, Ms. Mariam Mahamat Nour made this statement today in the Chadian capital while opening the 30th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts (ICE) of Central Africa on the theme "Industrialisation and the upgrade of Companies for a transition to the Green Economy in Central Africa,"

According to Ms. Mahamat Nour, such an economy will be effective with the involvement of economic operators only if they have a real mastery of production techniques based on low energy use and are able to produce goods and services with reduced environmental impact.

The urgency of this new dynamic was also emphasised by Mr. Hamid Tahid Nguilin, Vice Governor of the Bank of Central African States (BEAC), who gave a detailed presentation on funding opportunities for green economy provided by his institution such as the gradual rolling out of Central Africa’s Green Fund and the refinancing of projects supported by funds of the Central African Development Bank (BDEAC). "In partnership with BDEAC,” he went on, “BEAC has begun advocating the extension of the existing mechanism for the downward review of interest rates for projects with a high social impact as well as those with high environmental impact."

These statements tied neatly with those of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, quoted by the Acting Coordinator of the UN System in Chad – Mamadou Dicko as saying: investing in the environment and a green economy is not a cost but an insurance policy for the future that they all want.

Experts in the sub-region’s economic affairs, through the voice of the outgoing President of the ICE, Mr. Ludovic Ngok Banak, warmly thanked the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for all its efforts in assisting sub-regional institutions and Central African States particularly in the context of the transition to the green economy.

ECA/UNIDO acclaimed collaboration

Speaking during the opening ceremony of the ICE, Mr Edme Koffi of UNIDO and Mr Emile Ahohe of ECA reiterated the necessity for Central Africa to embark in industrialisation for inclusive development and transformation through the "greening" of modes of production. More so, the collaboration between these two institutions to support green industrialisation policies of countries of the sub-region was highly appreciated by several speakers present.

The discussions

Experts attending the session are reviewing the challenges of and current emergent opportunities for Central Africa’s development in a bid to strengthen their capacities to furnish their governments and institutions with pertinent technical advice for the harmonisation of socioeconomic policy choices in the sub-region. Meanwhile, in connection with the theme of the ICE session, a special event is being organised in association with UNIDO to size up the experts’ varied experiences on the state of industrialisation and on the progress made by enterprises for a transition toward a green economy in Central Africa. They will propose ways and means for leveraging the green economy to bolster the sub-region’s industrialisation and transformation.

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