Training on Geographical Information System for Spatial Planning

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunication of Mozambique contacted the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), for the organisation of the above-mentioned training for various officials from the civil service working on spatial planning.

Through a Letter of Agreement, the training had been organized from 2 to 13 July in Maputo, in the compound of the requesting Ministry. Other Ministries and Departments in charge of Health, Public Works, Construction & Housing, Cartography, Census, Study and planning including the hosting Ministry, sent participants. They were the 8 of them including 5 women.

IDEP in collaboration with the African Centre for Statistics (ACS) designed a tailor-made training. The course introduced participants to the application of geographic information systems technologies, geo-visualization, and spatial statistical modelling in the identification of potential areas for development and infrastructural planning, including both monitoring and evaluating activities for planning purpose. The course included the following modules :

  • Fundamentals of GIS and Science and Spatial Modelling
  • Cartography / Graphic Representation Techniques
  • Data Analysis, Modelling
  • Web Mapping, GIS Portals

After completion of the training, participants expressed enthusiasm in having enriched their professional skills with the effective use of GIS, data sources knowledge, processing, and analysis, graphics application, spatial analytics and Open Web Services for accessing geographic data (WFS and WMS); knowledge of GIS data processing and uploading to online geodatabases; master techniques for search, query and analyse data and custom maps production and building models for GIS analysis using ArcGIS.

Meaningful development policies cannot be implemented without adequate information and knowledge on the spatial contents of the real area of interest, since all human activities are spatially located or location-based. Spatial planning may be developed for land use planning, urban planning, regional planning, environmental planning, landscape planning, national spatial plans, or spatial planning at the Union level.

A more strategic approach considering both Agendas 2030 and 2063 should be considered for an optimal use of the training, according to IDEP Director, Ms. Karima Bounemra Ben Soltane. Together with the Programme Coordinator, Ms. Odete Semiao they co-chaired the closing ceremony with a joint congratulation and a farewell message. Participants acknowledged the training through a vote of thanks and promised to make a good use of it.


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