What transformative social policy to leave no one behind in africa ?

Dakar, August 10, 2018 – As part of its series of seminars, IDEP hosted a panel discussion on « What transformative social policy to leave no one behind in africa ? ». This seminar brought together more than twenty African experts : officials from Member States meeting on the occasion of the program of capacity building on social policies, as well as academics working on issues relating to the development of the continent. The roundtable was held August 09, 2018 in the IDEP conference room.

In implementing the 2030 agenda, the international community pledge that no one will be left behind. Thus, the United Nations’ Member States committed to reach first those who are furthest behind.

In the commitment to realize sustainable development, it was acknowledged that the dignity of individuals is fundamental for reaching the goals and targets of the 2030 Agenda for all nations and people and for all segments of society. It also represents a critical improvement to the Millennium Development goals (MDGs). Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) policies can only be effective when they fulfil the promise to leave no one behind. All countries including those in Africa are engaged in realising this promise.

Transformative social policy is a core of a new developmental strategy for the SDGs. There hasbeen a greater attention in social policy and the role which it could play in national and regional development in Africa. The African Union adopted, in November 2008, a pan-African Social Policy Framework (SPF). The international community made engagement to leave no country behind as part of the push for the achievement of the SDGs.

The seminar was furnished with two presentations on « Tranformative social policy for Africa’s structural transformation »  and « What Does Leaving No One Behind in Africa Actually Looks Like? »  Respectively delivered by  Pr. Jimi O. Adesina, PhD MASSAf, Professeur & DST/NRF SARChI Chair in Social Policy, College of Graduate Studies, UNISA and Dr. Mustapha Sadni Jallab, Head Training and Research Division and Ms. Mbathio Samb, Assistant research Officer, IDEP, followed by a very rich discussion.

This seminar allowed to discuss the dynamic of social policies in Africa and bring a practical lens to the SDGs principle agreed by the member states in 2015: « Leave No One Behind ».


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