Introduction to the workshop
By Gabriel Gamez, UNSD

Objectives of the workshop and expected outputs and outcomes
By Meriem Ait Ouyahia, ECA


Session 1: Assessing national sources to produce disaggregated data

Data Disaggregation and the SDGs: An Overview
By Gabriel Gamez, UNSD

Overview of the result of self-assessment survey on practices and challenges on data disaggregation of SDG indicators
By Léandre Ngogang, ECA

Situation of SDGs and status of data in Central African Republic
By Freddy Touckia, ICAASES


Session 2: National experiences and challenges in producing disaggregated data

Burundi, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, MauritaniaMorocco, Niger,
Sao tome and Principes, Seychelles


Session 3: On going initiatives

Work done by the IAEG-SDG on data disaggregation
By Gabriel Gamez, UNSD

Data innovation in Africa: Selected case study
By Léandre Ngogang, ECA

Geospatial disaggregation as key to understanding where people are vulnerable
By Ludgarde Coppens, UN Environnent

Data Disaggregation by Geography: Some Principles Consideration
By André Nonguierma, ECA

UN/UNDP support in the integration, implementation and monitoring of SDGs in Seychelles
By Roland Alcindor, UNDP

Innovative solutions in Cabo Verde
By Fernando Lopes Rocha, INE


Session 4: Integration of data produced by various sources

The importance of measuring the nexus between the social and environmental dimension of development
By Ludgarde Coppens, ONU Environnement

Integration of various sources for producing Land and Urban related indicators and ECA statistical capacity initiative to address data needs for the SDGs
By Donatien Beguy, ONU Habitat

The main challenges of Central African Republic in terms of data sources
By Freddy Touckia, ICAASES

Integration of data from administrative and other sources into the SDGs
Laure Leila Bayala, INSD

Integration of data from various sources for the production of SDGs and administrative statistics in Congo
By Dieudonne Konga, CNSEE

Round table on work in progress or planned in countries to integrate data from various sources in official statistics (5 min per country)


Session 5: Statistical capacity initiatives

Bolstering Data for the SDGs: International Capacity Building Initiatives
By Gabriel Gamez, UNSD

ECA statistical capacity initiative to address data needs for the SDGs
By Meriem Ait Ouyahia, ECA

Initiative from Statistical Training Centers (ENSEA and ISSEA) to strengthen capacity in statistics and to respond to data disaggregation (respond to the call to leave no one behind): case of ENSEA
By Richard Moussa et Jeannot Ngbanza

Capacity Building Initiatives in Cameroon’s Statistical System
By Nadine Angèle Nguimdo Voufo, INS

Capacity building initiatives in Benin
By Memounath Bissiriou Ep Zounon, INSAE

Capacity Building Initiative in the National Statistical System of Guinea
By Sidibe Lamine, INS