ECA is geared towards strengthening the capacity of the African Union and its organs including the AUC, NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency, Regional Economic Communities, and member States on a bilateral basis to cater for those areas not covered under other collaborative spaces.  

In this regard, the Commission provides policy advisory services and technical support to national, sub regional and regional institutions, and partners with them in the formulation, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of policies, strategies, programmes and projects. Priority areas of focus include the promotion of industrialization, the design and implementation of macroeconomic policies, development planning and natural resource management.Emphasis is also placed on disseminating regional and international best practice in public sector management to assist African countries to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their public sector.  

Additionally, ECA helps member States to develop common negotiating positions and strategies in regional and global processes, and promotes their full participation in related forums and promotes peace processes..