Member States


The overriding objective of ECA’s assistance to the Republic of Benin focuses on strengthening the institutional, organizational, and technical capacity of the Benin Infrastructural Projects Coordinating Agency (ABGT) to carry out its mandate as a strategic planning institution. This technical assistance is likely to serve two purposes: (i) to strengthen the regional integration of the country in the West African sub-region; and (ii) Benin will serve as a pilot case, with the expectation that the experience will be scaled up to a sub-regional level as part of ECA’s support for the RECs, as well as continental and sub-regional initiatives on Africa’s structural transformation.



ECA provided support to the Ministry of Planning and Finance of Djbouti through the provision of technical and advisory services. Capacity Development Division, in response to a request from the Government of Djibouti, recruited four consultants to assist the Ministry of Finance, Economy and Panning of Djibouti (MoFEP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The core objective of this activity is to support the effort of Government of Djibouti in its planning, developing  and launching its five-year national development program based on its “Djibouti Vision 2035”.



ECA’s technical support to the Republic of Guinea aims at accelerating the country’s economic recovery from the effects of the Ebola epidemic. The project helps to design and implement a capacity development programme for the Guinea Infrastructural Projects Coordinating Agency responsible for coordinating post Ebola economic recovery. ECA’s support focuses on the following key capacity development priorities: (i) Designing planning and development projects; (ii) Capacity building of the national statistical system; (iii) African Mining Vision; (iv) Technical assistance in harmonization of development partnerships in Africa; (v) Technical assistance on stabilization and strengthening of the macroeconomic framework and debt cancellation; (vi) Implementation of the national trade policy; and (vii) Industrialization and Promotion of Small and medium-sized enterprises and the Private Sector.



The main purpose of ECA’s technical support to Guinea Bissau is to accelerate the country’s economic recovery and structural transformation. ECA’s assistance includes: (i) Structural transformation of the economy; (ii) Elaboration of a Guinea-Bissau Long-term Development Planning; (iii) Elaboration of a National Mining Vision for Guinea-Bissau; and (iv) Capacity development in Guinea-Bissau.



Supporting the Republic of Mali’s Emerging Mali plan 2025’ through the identification capacity development needs.



ECA is expanding itssupport to Rwanda to accelerate the country’s structural transformation and inclusive growth.  ECA agreed on a list of strategic activities as priority policy programme focus. To date, the study on Rwanda’s positioning in ECCAS towards its transformation agenda has been completed and submitted to the Government for review.



ECA’s technical assistance to Senegal is focused on industrialization, statistics and management of the macroeconomic framework. Economic and social emergence requires the maintenance of a sound economic framework and the acceleration of reforms to enhance productivity and improve the business environment whilst improving public service delivery and raising the quality of public spending.



ECA extended its support to the Kingdom of Swaziland to develop its Trade and Industrialization Policy, which has been validated in May 2015. The objective of the policy is to propose interventions to reverse many of the underlying negative trends and challenges and put the country back on a path of sustainable economic and social development towards achieving First World Status.